My Bradford Bad Boy

Sarah's back! But when she moves back to America and sees all her old friends, will she fall for her old crush? Will he fall for her? What will happen to her relationship with Zayn? Will another band get involved? Read to find out!


19. Chapter Eighteen

A/N sorry it took me soooooo long to update, ive been busy wid hw and skwl and ish. so yeah sry.

He got on one knee and pulled out a rather largest ring. "Is this proof enough?"
I gasped 
I looked around to see who was looking at me and Niall. Everyone was. Well this was awkward.

"Will you, Julia Pires Leandro, marry me?"

All the normal people were giving me nice gestures telling me to say yes and all the directioners were saying no. Lol. 
I sighed, I smiled. "Yes!"
I heard sobs from the directioners. 
He smiled and slipped the ring on my ring finger, stood up and gave me a quite passionate kiss. 
I heard applause from all the others in the shop. 
I smiled and pulled back. Niall was smiling like crazy. He picked me up and spun me around. 
He took my hand and dragged me out of Subway. 
"Where are you taking me?"
"To Sarah's place to break the news to everyone!"
He opened and closed the car door for me and we were off to Sarah's house. 

Niall's POV

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't be happier. I told Julia to tell everyone to meet up at Sarah's and Larissa's place.

When Sarah and Zayn finally got back.Everyone was sitting around on the couches and it was quiet. 

"Okay" Julia and I stood up, I was still holding her hand. "We have big news,"

"You're back together?!" Lasana asked.

"Better," I said.

"We're engaged!" Julia screamed.

Everyone screamed with excitement.

Julia's POV

I got hugs and congrats from everyone, Lasana was last. She pulled me off into a corner.

I rolled my eyes "What do you want Lasagna?"

"It LASANA and I just wanted to say that I'm happy for you. I really am sorry. I actually ship you guys, and I don't know why I kissed Niall, it was stupid. I just went for it. I just want things to be better between us. While I wouldn't, can you forgive me?"

I sighed. "Okay." I smiled and gave her a hug.

We went back into the living room and everyone was talking amongst themselves.

Harry stood up holding Larissa's hand.

"Dont tell me your engaged too!"

"What? No! I was just saying we are bringing one more person on our Where We Are Tour!"

He said

"Make it two." Sarah said. Zayn smiled and kissed her cheek.

Niall gave me a questioning look. "Make it three!" I said

"Four!" Zoe chimed in.

"Wasn't expecting that.." I heard Harry mumble.

"So it's settled, Larissa, Sarah, Zoe, and Julia will be coming on tour with us. Great!" Zayn stated, thank you captain obvious


I can't believe I'm engaged, to Niall Horan! This is crazy. I can't wait to go on tour with my fiancé! 

I can't wait for the wedding.

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