Whatever Happens

Julia and Emma finally got tickets to the One Direction concert and got to know the band. they got opportunities to be the bend's bffs. her friends join the happiness, and all of them get to star going out with the guys in the band. but the question is, is that a good thing? or a bad thing? this is a book full of life's ups and downs.


3. What Comes Next


Julia’s P.O.V.

It was seven o’ clock and the doorbell rang. I was expecting that Niall and Harry were at the door but instead it was my older sister, Gabby. She comes to visit me once every two months; it’s awesome because she lives in England.

“Hi Gabby!” I say, as I put my green pearls earrings on.

“Hi Julia, what are you dressed so fancy for?” She asks.

“For a date with Niall”

“The 1D guy?” She asks not believing me.


“How did that happen?”

“I went to his concert and we met, then he asked me out to dinner, I said yes, we met at the mall today and now we’re going out to dinner.”

“I”- she was interrupted by the Niall and Harry arriving in their cars.

“Hello, love!” Said Niall, as he gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“Hey Julia! Is Emma ready?” Harry added. “Gabby!”

“How do you now my sister Harry?” I asked.

“She was the presenter when I was checking out this college in England!” Said Harry as he quickly added, “By the way, is Emma ready?”

          “Yeah, Harry, she’s ready”

          “Hey!” Emma yelled from the kitchen.

          “Gabby, you go ahead and settle down; if you need me my number is at the kitchen counter.”

          “Bye” Gabby said sitting down on the couch.

          “Bye” Niall, Emma, Harry and I yelled at the same time.

          “You look good Julia.” Complements Niall.

          “Thanks but I feel kind of bad for Gabby, I mean she came all the way from England to see me, and I ditch her for you guys.”

          “Julia, three years ago you were partying because your sister was leaving and now you feel bad?” Emma asks.

          “True.” I answer.

          The surprise was that Emma and Harry also went to the clubhouse. They were two tables away from us, Emma and I kept on waving to each other. Niall had the idea to join in with a double date, so we did. We had a great time, well at least Niall and I did. When we got Harry asked.

          “Emma can I talk to you in private?”

          “Yeah, sure,” Emma leads him to her room.

          Niall and I were so chill because we drank so many drinks. I wouldn’t say we were drunk, we were just, chill.

          We heard some yelling from Emma’s room and made some jokes about it. Harry came storming down, he looked mad.

          Niall and I went upstairs to my room we laid down and started kissing. Niall took off his shirt and threw it under the bed. He managed to get my dress’ zipper open. Soon I was only in my underwear and he, in his boxers.

          We fell into a deep sleep. The next morning I woke up when my mad looking sister got into the room.
          “Oh my gosh!” she yelled.

          “What!” I quickly woke up as I looked down and pulled up the covers. “Nothing wrong happened!” I quickly added.

          “Fine, just don’t do anything stupid.” Said Gabby.

          Niall obviously woke up.

          “Is your sister always overprotective like this?” He asked.

          “Yes.” I answer.

          “I should get going.” Niall said.

          “See you later for the barbecue?” I asked.

          “Of course,” Said Niall.

          As soon as we got changed, Niall went home and I had to explain to my sister what exactly happened.

          I went up to Emma’s room to see if she was okay after her fight with Harry. When I got to her room her eyes were so red I actually thought she was a vampire.

          “Oh my gosh! Did Harry hit you or something?”

          “He did! My heart!” she said as she went back to crying.

          “What did he exactly say?”

          “He said, it wasn’t supposed to be a double date it was my entire fault that we were in the clubhouse too, and that he never wanted to see me or hear my voice again.” She said and she lay down on my lap and started to cry again.

          I didn’t want to comment that maybe Harry wouldn’t come to the barbecue later on that day.

          “How do you feel about that?” I asked.

          “I think I’ll just never speak to him again as he wishes.”

          Oh no! I thought to myself, it would be so awkward, if they never spoke to each other again. I should come up with a plan.

*2 hours later* 12:00 pm

          The doorbell rings and I open the door.

          “The guys are here!” I yelled loud enough so Emma could hear it.

          The first one at the door was Niall, followed by Louis, Liam, Zayn, and the last one, Harry. He seemed kind of depressed.

          “Julia, do you think Emma is mad at me?” Asked Harry.

          “I don’t know, you should go check. She’s in her room.” I said. That was totally part of my plan to get them to make up. As soon as Harry got to Emma’s room I locked the door.

          “You guys have to make up!” I yelled. I could hear some talking but I couldn’t understand the words.

          Niall and I were hanging out with Louis, Liam, and Zayn.

          “So, vas happenin between you two?” Asked Zayn as we all started laughing.

          I went upstairs to slide Emma and Harry some thin candy when I heard a glass breaking noise coming from Emma’s room. I unlocked the door and the next thing I see is Harry trying to wake Emma up. He was soaked on Emma’s blood that was coming out from her feet and hands.

          “Niall, Louis, Zayn, Liam, help!” I yelled horrified.

          We took Emma to the hospital and the doctors said she would be fine once she got enough blood back. The doctors said she passed out because she lost too much blood and that she was just sleeping now and that she had to stay at the hospital for observations. They also said that someone should stay with her. Louis and I volunteered.

          “You don’t have to Louis.” I said.

          “Okay, but I’ll come visit her tomorrow.” He said.

          “It’ll be alright!” Niall tells me, as he rubs my back.


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