Whatever Happens

Julia and Emma finally got tickets to the One Direction concert and got to know the band. they got opportunities to be the bend's bffs. her friends join the happiness, and all of them get to star going out with the guys in the band. but the question is, is that a good thing? or a bad thing? this is a book full of life's ups and downs.


8. Waking Up, Getting There


Julia’s P.O.V.


          I wake up to see the room in complete darkness. I wake Niall up and he mumbles.

          “Okay, when you don’t have time to have breakfast don’t come complain,” I tell him.

          “I’m up!” He exclaims while I giggle.

          I get out of the room to find the hallway as dark as the night sky, so I turned on the light. I stopped  to knock at every girls’ bedroom door.

*30 minutes later*

          I see Erica, Emma, and Floriane all ready to go, wait… where’s Rachel?!? I knock on her door again.

          “We’ll be out in a minute!” Liam says as I hear Rachel giggle, Oh My Gosh! Looks like there’s some wrong stuff going on in there! I thought to myself. Niall and I went downstairs.

          ‘I think Rachel baked some chocolate chip cookies last night,” I said as I opened the container full of cookies.

          “Why didn’t anybody tell me?” Niall said, innocently.

          “Oh please! We wouldn’t have cookies today if we told you,” I said, as Niall did this really cute sad face, “Sorry baby.”

          Rachel and Liam came downstairs holding hands. Wow! Rachel’s on fire! I thought. Erica and Zayn came down next, but they were just smiling, followed by French speaking Floriane and Harry. Emma and Louis took a while to come down, but they did. We all ate cookies for breakfast.

          “Ding-dong!” The doorbell rang.

          “The driver’s here!” I warn everyone. We get into the van and start our way to the airport. It was an eight seat van… that was a problem, well, my problem because then I had to sit on Niall’s lap and Rachel on Liam’s, it was an uncomfortable experience, but it was worth it.

          We got to the airport about thirty minutes later.   

          “It’s so heavy!” Rachel whines as she tries to get her suitcase out of the trunk.

          “Let me help you then,” Liam helped her as Niall took his and my luggage out of the trunk. We went straight to the luggage drop off. As we got to the waiting room I joined Floriane’s talk with Harry, because now, I can speak French fluently.

          “Hey guys,” I said (in French).

          “What do you want Julia?” said Floriane (in French).

          “Hurtful!” I exclaimed (in French). I go back to sitting next to Niall. He puts his arm around me, and we wait. I pull out my iPod and he grabs one earphone, we start listening to Thinking of You by Katy Perry.

          “Ladies and gentleman, the flight 313 from Johannesburg to Cape Town is now boarding,” a lady said. We all stood up and went to the designated gate, D6. We were the first ones to get into the plane. I was sitting next to Emma, Floriane was sitting next to Erica, Rachel was sitting next to Liam, Harry was sitting next to Zayn, and Niall was sitting next to Louis.

          During the take-off, while the plane was going fast to go up in the air, I saw some arms waving up in the air.

          “Wiiiiiiiiiiii!” It was Niall and Louis. Almost the whole section started laughing, and well, Niall is considered the funny one. My ears started hurting like hell, but soon I fell asleep for the rest of the flight.

Rachel’s P.O.V.

          As I was almost asleep I feel someone grab my hand, it was Liam. It is so incredible how we both have so much in common. He understands me better than anyone ever did. I would love to have known him earlier, but I had to spend Christmas with my family. The girls said that I’m taking this too fast, but they didn’t say anything about Julia and Niall making out in their first date.

          “Are you okay?” Liam asked, I think he noticed I was feeling kind of sick.

          “Yeah, I think I just ate too many cookies,” I answered.

          “Tell me if you need anything,” He said comforting me.

Floriane’s P.O.V.

          I think I like Harry, he’s so kind and cute and sweet and… he’s everything I ever wanted <3.

          “So Floriane, how are things going with Harry?” Erica asks.

          “What do you mean?” I ask.

          “I mean like you guys are always together, and you guys talk in French even though all the girls can understand you except me,” She answers.

          “Look Erica, you can’t tell anyone, but I think I’m developing feelings for Harry.”

          “What kind of feelings Floriane?”

          “I think I like like Harry.”

Harry’s P.O.V.

          As I was eves dropping Floriane’s conversation with Erica I hear she really likes me. Awesome!  I thought I’ll ask her to be my girlfriend once we get settled in Cape Town.

Emma’s P.O.V.

          Julia was sleeping, she was almost drooling over me. Julia ditched me for a nice nap… I thought, Hey! Maybe I should do that too! I started trying to start napping. I can’t. I’m gonna go call Niall, see if he wants to switch seats with me. I head over to where Niall was sitting.

          “Hey Niall!” I tell him, he was almost asleep, “I was thinking that maybe you would wanna switch seats with me because, I can’t fall asleep, Julia is long asleep, and you’re just about to so can you please switch seats with me?”

          “Yeah, sure,” He agrees.

Niall’s P.O.V.

          As I got to the row after Zayn and Harry, I see the most beautiful girl sleeping, Julia. I sit next to her and immediately fall asleep.

          I see Shakira (my girlfriend in eleventh grade) leaning closer to me, we kiss, Julia gets into the room, she says something, I don’t know what, but she says something, lets a tear fall and gets out of the room.

          “Niall wake up!” Julia said, “We’re landing!” I couldn’t hold myself back, I kissed her, I kissed her with all the love I could put into that one kiss.

          “I love you Julia, and I will ALWAYS love you,” I said as she lights up a smile and lets a tear fall.

          “I love you too Niall,” She said as I wipe away the tear.

          The plane was about touch the ground, I look over to Julia and she seems kind of nervous. I see her hand laying around, so I hold it and we land.

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