Whatever Happens

Julia and Emma finally got tickets to the One Direction concert and got to know the band. they got opportunities to be the bend's bffs. her friends join the happiness, and all of them get to star going out with the guys in the band. but the question is, is that a good thing? or a bad thing? this is a book full of life's ups and downs.


10. The Game


Julia’s P.O.V.

          As we got to Robben Island we started going on a tour. The tour was about half way done and everybody was asleep except Liam, he’s the ‘good student’.

          “Now we have a little break at this diner, please enjoy,” The guide said as Niall woke up.

          “Julia, wake up!” Niall said, “We have a little break at a diner, let’s go!”

          I know Niall pretty well and, I think he’s just really hungry (like always) or, he just doesn’t wanna look like a loner. Niall grabbed my hand and dragged me to the giant line, he got himself three little packages of potato chips, I didn’t really get anything.

          We got back to the house, and it was hot like hell, and there was a pool.

          “Let’s play water polo!” Harry exclaims, “I’m awesome at it!”

          “Let’s do it!” I hear another yell from behind me.

          We all got dressed to play water polo. I was wearing a green bikini, Erica was wearing a blue bikini, Emma was wearing a red bikini, Floriane was wearing an orange bikini, and Rachel a purple bikini.

          “Boys against girls!” Zayn said,

          “No Zayn, it wouldn’t be fair if all the boys went against the girls, we’re weaker and none of us know how to play water polo,” Rachel demanded.

          “Okay, we’ll do numbers,” Harry said, “One, two, one, two…”

          Somehow I ended up being with Liam, Louis, Zayn and Niall. Harry was with the rest of the girls.

          “That’s still not fair,” Harry said, “Almost all the boys are in their team.”

          “Harry, it is kind of fair,” Liam said, “I mean, you said that you’re awesome at it, so I guess you could beat all of us alone, at the end of it, your team is better than ours.”

          “Well, it is true,” Harry exclaimed, “So then, jump in! Let’s start this thing!”

          All the boys jumped in. We (girls) wanted to feel the temperature of the water before we got in. the boys looked at us like we were all idiots. Niall got out of the pool, hugged me and the next thing I remember is me jumping into the pool mandatorily by Niall. The other guys did the same thing with their girlfriends.

          My team was losing by one point; it turned out Harry was awesome at water polo.

          I have the ball, I’m completely blocked, and Niall lifts me up on his shoulder. I have a clear shot. I shoot, score! I slipped down to celebrate.

          “Good one Julia!” Zayn said as he high fived me followed by Louis then Liam. Niall hugged me and gave me a light-heavy kiss.

          “That was a good one, but,” Harry said, “It didn’t count, it’s against the rules.”

          “Let me see the rules!” Niall exclaimed.

          “There are no rules…”said Harry frowning.

          “Yeah Harry,” Zayn said, “That’s called really good team work and strategy.”

          “Well,” I said, “Not strategy, but teamwork.”

          “Whatever it was,” said Harry, “Let’s go back to the game.”

          “I don’t think that’s gonna be possible,” Emma said from out of the pool (she was beside the girls and me), “We, girls, are getting ready to go to dinner.”

          “Okay,” replied Harry.

          I got dressed in my skinny jeans, my green undershirt, and a light green loose short top. Emma was wearing a black dress with red stripes. Floriane was wearing a pinkish orange undershirt with a tight pink short top, with a matching skirt and converse. Erica was wearing a strapless blue dress with matching flats. Rachel was wearing her purple outfit (purple shirt + purple skinny jeans).

Rachel’s P.O.V.

          As we got out of the room, we find the boys’ mouths turn into O’s. We (girls) giggled.

          When we got to the restaurant, it was completely full, so a waiter led us to a private table in a room full of wine. The food was great and the night was awesome, but we left early, because we had to wake up early tomorrow.

Liam’s P.O.V.

          I wake up and there’s a foot on my face.

          “Harry!” I exclaimed as Harry woke up terrified and fell off the bed.

          “What’s wrong with you!?!” Harry asked.

          “Nothing, what’s wrong with you?” I ask as I start laughing a bit, “Oh, wait, I know, you face, you hair, your personality…”

          “Ha-ha, really funny.”

          “I’m trying to sleep here!” Niall exclaimed.

          Soon everybody was in the car ready to go. We got to Knysna, about five hours after; it was three o’clock in the afternoon. We got to the hotel that had these little separate houses; of course, each guy shared one with their girlfriends.

Niall’s P.O.V.

          As we got to the reception I notice the most familiar, “Shakira!”

          “Niall!” she said, “Good to see you!”

          “What are you doing here?”

          “I work here!”

          “Julia, come here, I want you to meet someone!” I call Julia over, “This was one of my best friends in high school! I’m sure you guys will get along!”

          “Hi,” Shakira said, “I’m Shakira.”

          “Hi,” Julia responded, “I’m Julia.”

Julia’s P.O.V.

          Niall left the reception to get settled in ‘our’ little house.

          “So,” I said, “You and Niall were”

          “Save it!” she said, “Niall and I were boyfriend and girlfriend, so you get out of my way okay?”

          “Is that supposed to be threat?” I ask.

          “No, that’s supposed to be a warning,” she answered.

          “Look, Niall and I love each other and nothing is gonna get in our way, not even you,” I said confident of myself.

          “Let’s see about that.”

          Niall came back and she changed personality, from scary to sweet in a click. Niall led my way to the house.

Harry’s P.O.V.

          Floriane and I were sitting on the couch, when someone knocks on the door.

          “Are we going bungee jumping today?” Liam asks.

          “Sure,” I answer, “But remember we have the concert tomorrow at that waterpark.”

          “Yeah, I know.”

          We start heading our way to go bungee jumping we were almost late, we were like ten minutes early. We paid, got the equipment on and started heading our way to do the actual jump.

          “First person to go, Harry Styles,” the guy said.

          “O-okay,” I went along to the tip of the bridge, “Okay, I die now,” There I go flying down, “I LOVE YOU FLORIANE!!” I scream.

Niall’s P.O.V.

          “Niall Horan! You’re next!”

          “Goodbye life, have a great time without me.” I jump.

Julia’s P.O.V.

          “Let’s go Julia!” SHIT! I thought, as I jumped.

Floriane’s P.O.V.

          “Floriane!” Yay!  I thought.

          After I went everybody else gave up, so we finished it. We went back to the hotel, and everybody was in the house except Julia she was listening to her iPod laying down by the pool.

Shakira’s P.O.V.

          I was walking by and saw Julia alone by the pool, so I figured that Niall was alone in his cabin. I went into the cabin.

          “Hey Niall,” I said.

          “Oh, hey,” he answered.

          “Do you still like me?”


          “Awesome,” I said as I kissed him-hard-.

Julia’s P.O.V.

          “Niall!” I said when I got into my cabin and found Niall and Shakira kissing, “Why?” I let some tears fall.

          “He said he still likes me,” Shakira said as she mouthed, “I told you!”

          I turned around and could see everything getting blurry and tears slipping down my cheeks; now was the only time I didn’t care about who saw me crying. My life was so perfect, I thought, why did she have to ruin it?

Rachel’s P.O.V.


          Liam grabbed me gently like he was grabbing a cracked egg, and threw me on the bed. He started kissing up my neck. He got to my mouth. I soon started messing his hair up. He took off his shirt, and I took mine off. Soon we were just in our underwear and started watching movies.

Harry’s P.O.V.


          I took some beers out of the fridge and Floriane and I started drinking them. An hour passed and we were drunk. I looked at her, she looked at me, we started kissing, she took off my shirt, and I took her shirt off. We were so drunk, that we passed out.

Erica’s P.O.V.


          Zayn looked at me, I looked at him, I wanted his touch, I wanted the feeling I felt when we kissed behind the couch. It was like he read my mind, because he started kissing me, hard. He tugged at my shirt, asking for permission to take it off. I agreed and to let him know I tugged at his shirt. We were both shirtless now, Erica control yourself, you don’t wanna get too excited, I warned myself, but Zayn would just keep going, he’s the shy one but when he’s got it, he’s got it. God! I thought this is the best night of my life!

Louis’s P.O.V.


          “Emma, you’re so beautiful,” I told her.

          “Well, sometimes, it doesn’t feel like it,” she answered, as I started kissing her. I picked her up and dragged her to the bed. She was so perfect. I took off her shorts and she took my shirt off, soon we were in our underwear and we just started talking about everything, and anything.

Niall’s P.O.V.


“Get away from me!” I yelled at Shakira.

          “What? You’re the one who said still liked me,” she said.

          “I meant as a friend!” I said, “I just think you’re jealous of Julia!”

          “Me jealous of her, never.”

          “Get out of here!” I said as she went out of the cabin. What have I done? I thought she’ll never forgive me, I don’t know how I’m gonna do the concert tomorrow…


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