Whatever Happens

Julia and Emma finally got tickets to the One Direction concert and got to know the band. they got opportunities to be the bend's bffs. her friends join the happiness, and all of them get to star going out with the guys in the band. but the question is, is that a good thing? or a bad thing? this is a book full of life's ups and downs.


11. How Bad/Happy Is It?


Julia’s P.O.V.

          I was at the bottom of the stairs and I just sat there, at the bottom of the stairs, crying. I cried, I cried a lot, I wanted to talk to someone, someone that really knew me, someone that knew about my fifth grade disaster (I froze in front of my class and peed my pants). Zayn!  I thought I forgot! He was my best and only friend in fifth grade! (I could not speak English back then) he was the only one that helped me.

          I was about to knock at Zayn’s door, but I heard noises, something like giggles, I don’t know, so then I decided I would talk to him in the morning. After I chilled out a little, I went back inside.

          “Julia”- Niall said.

          “I don’t wanna talk or listen to you,” I said avoiding looking at him, “I’m just here because I need somewhere to sleep.”

          He was silent. I changed in the bathroom and grabbed a blanket and a pillow and slept on the couch.

          The next morning I woke up with this massive neck ache. I was messed up. I hope today will be better than yesterday. I thought.

          I soon went back to sleeping, I was tired from crying.

          “What?” I asked confused by the pillow Floriane threw on my face.

          “Wake up, change, let’s go,” she told me, “The guys have a concert today, we don’t wanna miss it.”


          I got changed. I was wearing my white sleeveless shirt and my skirt with pink stripes; I was wearing my black bikinis under my clothes.

          We started heading our way to adventure land (the waterpark). When we got there, I notice the most familiar guy, Matheus! (my tenth grade boyfriend)

          “Matheus?!” I ask.

          “Julia!” Matheus says.

          “Hey!” I say, “How’s life?”

          “It’s good, yours?”

          “Well, it’s going,” I said as we both started laughing.

Niall’s P.O.V.

          “Who’s the guy?” I ask Floriane.

          “That’s Matheus, he was Julia’s boyfriend through the whole tenth grade, they only had to break up, because Matheus was leaving,” Floriane answered.

          This couldn’t get worse! I thought. I had a feeling this would be the worst day ever.

Julia’s P.O.V.

          Everybody started going on waterslides; I hope Matheus and I spend the whole day together I thought. It was cool Matheus and I met again, I mean, after he left, I missed him so much. After a while, Matheus and I were a lot closer once again, and he kissed me. Wow! How I missed that feeling, after the kiss, I look around and see Niall. I saw it in his eyes, he was hurt. I’m sorry Niall, I moved on I thought.

~19:00~ concert time

          “Wait, you’re staying for the concert?” Matheus asked me.

          “Yeah,” I tell him, “If you didn’t notice I came with the band.”

          “Oh yeah!”

          The concert started, their fifth song ended, their sixth was, guess, More Than This. Everybody started slow dancing; Matheus and I started slow dancing. I would always turn to not face the stage, because Niall would look at me with those eyes, and stare right into my soul. Matheus wouldn’t let me; he would always turn and make me face the stage.

          “I’m sorry, Matheus,” I told him, “I can’t do this anymore, I gotta go. It was really nice going out with you for one more day, but my heart will always belong to someone else, I hope you understand.”

          We said our goodbyes and I head out; I stop by the girls to tell them where I’m going.

          “If you guys need me, I’ll be in the car,” I told them almost crying, I turned away and I felt all the heavy tears slipping down my cheeks. Not again…  I thought.

          Thirty minutes after that, everybody came back. I was just staring out the window, letting some tears slip down, I heard a noise, I wiped away my tears. We got back to the hotel.

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