Whatever Happens

Julia and Emma finally got tickets to the One Direction concert and got to know the band. they got opportunities to be the bend's bffs. her friends join the happiness, and all of them get to star going out with the guys in the band. but the question is, is that a good thing? or a bad thing? this is a book full of life's ups and downs.


9. Hook Ups


Julia’s P.O.V.

          After the arrivals, luggage pick up, and car rental, we started our way to the house we were gonna stay in. why did Niall say that in the plane? I question myself. I find Niall staring at me, I smile, he smiles.

          “So, what are we gonna do today?” Niall asked.

          “Good question, I was thinking we could go to Robben Island, once we get settled,” I suggest.

          “Sounds like a plan,” He answered, “Hey everybody! We’re going to Robben Island today!”

          “I’ve always wanted to go there!” Floriane exclaims from the passenger’s seat.

          Everybody agreed to go to Robben Island. We get to ‘Camp’s Place’ (that was the name of the place we were staying in).

          “Okay guys! Boys you’re gonna stay in the side of the house that has two rooms, and girls, we’re gonna share a room. Yeah, I know, the place’s pretty small for ten people,” Rachel says.

          “Why do the guys get two rooms?” Niall asks.

          “Because you guys are too messy for only one room,” I answer.

          “No we’re not,” Harry disagrees.

          “YES YOU ARE!” All of us girls reply as we all start laughing.

          We went into the house and got settled.

Floriane’s P.O.V.

          Harry invited me outside.

          “Floriane, I was thinking if you wanted to be my girlfriend?” Harry asks. Yay! I thought.

          “Yeah, sure,” I said with no emotion in my voice. We go back inside, “Girls!” I said as I gestured them into our room.

          “What’s going on?” Erica asks.

          “Let’s just say I’m officially not available anymore, Harry asked me out!” I said.

          “I’m so happy for you!” Julia tells me.

          “Well, it seems like I’m the only one single right now,” Erica says with no such a happy face.

          “Just wait, a little birdie told me Zayn likes you,” Emma told Erica.

          “Oh my gosh! Really!?!” Erica gets excited.

          “Really,” Emma calms Erica down, “But he doesn’t know that you know he likes you.”

          As we got to the living room, I see all the boys crowded on the couch, like they were gonna do a video diary, they weren’t, but still.

Erica’s P.O.V.

          As the girls approached the guys tapped their lap or the spot next to them gesturing them to sit there. I sat next to Zayn (he gestured it <3), Julia sat on Niall’s lap, Emma sat next to Louis, Rachel sat on Liam’s lap and Floriane sat on Harry’s lap.

          “What are we watching?” I asked.

          “It’s Kind of a Funny Story, it’s really good so far,” Zayn answered.

          “I’ve watched this movie! It’s really good,” Julia said.

          Zayn and I watched the next ten minutes or so, and then we got really bored. We sat down facing the wall behind the couch. I received a text.

Zayn: Do u want 2 be mi gf?

Me: Sure =)

Zayn: =)

Me: lzl

Zayn: wat?

Me: laugh like Zayn

Zayn: lml

Me: wat?

Zayn: laugh like myself

            (be yourself)

Me: lml

          We look at each other and smile, we lean closer, and we kiss. OMG! I’m behind the couch kissing Zayn Malik! I though.

Niall’s P.O.V.

          As we finished the movie we started our way to the water front. We were in the car now.

          “Niall, I’ve been wondering, why did you say that to me in the plane?” Julia asked.

          “Because I had this really bad dream, and if it ever happened I just wanted to let you know and also, that nothing will keep me from loving you,” I said.

          “Own!” Julia said as she gave me a light kiss on the lips.

          We got to the water front and went straight to the ‘Mandela Getaway to Robben Island’. We bought the tickets and were waiting in line to get into the boat. There was a guy taking pictures of every couple or family that got into the boat. It was my and Julia’s turn.

          “Young love!” the picture guy exclaimed, “smile!”

Julia’s P.O.V.

          We went to the very top. I guess I should’ve brought a jacket, I thought, because it was really windy and I was wearing a sleeveless white shirt, shorts, and sandals. I crossed my arms to make me feel warmer.

          “Are you cold?” Niall asks.

          “Yeah, a little bit,” I lied, I was really cold. Niall puts his jacket around me.

          “Does that help?”

          “No, because then you’re cold.”

          “Not really, I’m used to this weather, for me, it’s nothing,” Niall says making everything okay (as always).

Rachel’s P.O.V.

          I hate boats… they make me feel so… insecure, I guess, with Liam I feel so good, and secure, this is the first actual time that I feel secure in a boat.

          “You look kind of nervous,” Liam tells me.

          “Yeah, I just don’t like boats that much,” I explain.


          “Because, I guess, I feel kind of insecure.”

          “Don’t worry, I’m here”

          “Yeah, I know,” I said, “You’re the only person who I was ever with that didn’t make me feel insecure.” (Talk about Darryl)

Floriane’s P.O.V.

          I feel someone grab my hand, I look up, it’s Harry, he smiles at me, I smile back, he’s the first guy I really like, and I feel that he’s not gonna break my heart like Floris (my last boyfriend) did.

          “It’s kind of windy today, huh?” Harry says being sarcastically obvious, because it was freaking windy today.

          “You don’t say!” I answered as we both started laughing.

Emma’s P.O.V.

          I see Louis kind of confused looking at this person.

          “Are you okay?” I ask kind of laughing.

          “Yeah, it’s just that girl looks ridiculously familiar,” He says as I look over to the girl.

          “Of course Louis, that’s Eleanor,” I said kind of regretting it.

          “Yeah, that’s her,” he says, “Is it okay if I call her over, I mean, even after our break up, we’re still friends…”

          “You talk to whoever you want to talk to, Louis, you don’t need my permission,” I said as he called her over and they started a conversation. I started to feel a little thirsty.

          “I’m gonna go grab a drink, do you guys want anything?” I ask being polite.

          “No we’re good,” Eleanor says as I walk away.

Louis’s P.O.V.

          It’s so cool how I met Eleanor today, we really good friends now.

          “Look Louis, I’ve been really missing you and I can’t just be friends with you anymore,” Eleanor says as she starts leaning over and kissing me.

Emma’s P.O.V.

          I go back up to find Louis kissing Eleanor.

          “Louis!” I said.

          “Emma!”- He was interrupted.

          “And I thought you were the right guy for me!” I tell him as I start crying and run away downstairs.

Louis’s P.O.V.

          “Emma! Don’t leave me!” I look at her then back at Eleanor.

          “Oops!” She says as she leans closer.

          “No! that’s exactly why I broke up with you, cause you do things all innocent, but you’re really not! That girl was everything to me, and now, she won’t even talk or look at me again! All because of you!” I reveal my love for Emma. I go downstairs to find Emma crying her heart out.

          “Emma,” I said.

          “I don’t wanna talk to you,” she responds quickly.

          “So just listen, Eleanor was the one that kissed me, and I broke up with her, not she broke up with me like all the websites say, now if you could just give me another chance,” I ask hopeful as she nods and comes sit on my lap to give me a light kiss.

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