A Time To Remember

After waking from a coma because of surgery, Ashton can't seem to remember much of the past months. The only thing he remembers is a name, Santana, and even the slightest hint of it causes everyone to shut him out. When no one will tell him what he needs to know, he stumbles upon an old journal, which will unravel the story for him when no one else can.
But one question remains; where is Santana?


1. 1 - Clueless

I am falling.

At least, I think I am by the way my chest is tight and my heart is pounding. I don't know where i am, all I see is the blue colour of something I assume is the sky, but I'm not sure. There is a white glow coming from beneath me and as hard as I try to move, I can't.

The voices around me become louder and more real, and the next thing I know, I am gasping for air as I open my eyes. The bright lights blind me for a moment but when my vision is somewhat clear I realize I'm in a hospital.

I try to stand up but my chest is aching and someone pushes me down. I recognize that its Calum who is doing so and I try to tell him  to stop but I cant speak.

"Just stay down, you're not supposed to be moving." He says to me. 

I obey him only because I can't do anything else.

I find my voice, "Why the hell am I here?" 

My vision is blurry but I'm able to make out the faces of Luke, Calum, Michael and my mum. 

"Ashton you need to stay calm, its going to be okay." My mum reassures.

I notice that her eyes are red and puffy, and Luke wont look at me for some reason,.

"Stay calm? How do you expect me to stay calm when I have no idea why I'm here!" I spit at them.

Luke looks up at me, his eyes red and puffy, matching my mums. "Seriously you need to stay calm, its not good for your he-"

Michael cuts him off. "Head! Your head! You hit it pretty badly."

I knit my eyebrows. "Then why does my chest hurt?"

I look at Luke searching for a answer, but he turns away rushing out the door, Michael runs after him, leaving me alone with Calum and my mum.

My mum looks at me, and then leaves as well.

"Please Calum." I plead with him, "Please just help me."

Calum gives me a pained look. "I wish I could. But I can't Ashton."

Anger grows within me and I yell at him. "Why cant you just answer my questions?! Why am I in an hospital?! What are you hiding from me?!"

I began to go hysterical, ripping the IV from my arm and I try to stand up but my head is rushing and my vision blurs once again. I catch a glimpse of Calum whose crying, running out of the room yelling for help.

And once again, I am lost in darkness.


hey guys! 

sorry this chapter was a little short, promise the chapters will be longer :]

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love you sexy beans! aha <3 

~ Em and Tal

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