Black and Blue

Hi i'm Olivia and im just an adverage girl.I love 1d .I Have a major crush on harry.For my roleplay twitter ill add link bellow:( it will make it understand better btw other role plays are going to be involed)


2. stroll in the park

After i got dressed i decided to take a walk downtown.I applied some foundation on my face and bruises,added makeup and went outside.It was very crowded outside..When it reached lunch time i headed to Nandos. It was very crowded.

Harry's P.O.V

i was late for meeting Nial at nandos. WHACK! greet a girl just had to be in my way

"Ouch" She said..." Here lemme help you up.."I grabbed her hand and lifted her on her feet.She had dark brown hair,but more it got to the bottom of her hair more lighter it got.Her blue eye shimmed in the sun! " UM you their?"she asked."Oh yah i gtg but here's my phone number btw whats your name?"

As she took it she smiled and walked away while saying " Olivia"

Olivia's P.O.V

" ma'm their is so seats left but these guys might let you sit with them."the cashier said to me.I walked over to where she was pointing.Here goes nothing." I was wondering if i could sit down ..i'll pay for my own food ?"

"Sure..Nialler is it okay with you?"the boy said..wait that was the boy i meet before omg that's harry and Niall from 1 direction." It's okay..just don't touch my nandos!"he said actually seriousr .we ate we arranged to hang out at the mall.We actually became pretty good friends if you'd say.


sorry for the short chapter 

1st people to comment for either nial,zayns,liams or louis's girlfriend gets to be girlfriend comment name you want



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