Black and Blue

Hi i'm Olivia and im just an adverage girl.I love 1d .I Have a major crush on harry.For my roleplay twitter ill add link bellow:( it will make it understand better btw other role plays are going to be involed)


1. Intro


hi..if you'd like to see the twitter i made for them her is all i have so far

it is

Olivia's P.O.V

I hopped into the shower after 30 minutes of laying in bed.I touched my bruise...

"Ouch!"I groaned..Guesse it's not getting better.When i was around 12,i would walk home by myself.But bullies at my school would call me " Whore" or " Slut" something " B****" Or even " Mother @!#%#@"The most worest part is they beaten me up too.So when i got home i'd have to lie to my dad. Btw my dad and mom are divorced this time..since its summer im with my dad for all summer.  

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