Little Sister

Just a poem I wrote a while ago when I was feeling guilty about being horrible to my sister. It isn't very good but I thought I'd put it on here anyway


1. ....

Little Sister,

Again I have made you cry

Those tears, icy and cold.

It was me. Again,

My words coming sharper than my punches

To pierce your precious mind.


Do you fear me, Little Sister?

Does my head wreak terror in your heart?

Because surely you know I don't mean to hurt you.

Don't you, Little Sister?


Do you hate me, Little Sister?

I have given you too many reasons,

And it would not surprise me to know.

In my heart, I already do.


Do you love me, Little Sister?

Surely, you know I love you.

Never did I mean to hurt you,

I should be the one protecting.

Not the one inflicting the pain.

But, Little Sister, I still love you.

The way I did when we were young

And best friends.


We are different,

But we are still the same.

And I love you, Little Sister.

Little Sister, do you love me?


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