Once Upon A Crime


1. Allyway

Carla's POV

I'd Just Moved Here So I Decieded To Check The Place Out, It Was Dark. I Saw A Dark Shape In Front Of Me And The Evil Cackle Of A Witch Echo In My Ears. The Dark Shape Turn Around, And Its Eyes Were Red. Glowing Red. Suddenley, The Shape Dissappeared. A Scream Came From Behind Me. I Was Suddenley Shaking In Scardness. I Turned Around An Saw A Figure Watching My, With Evil, Piercing Eyes. It Came Closer, And Closer, An Grabbed My Arm Softly.
"Come With Me. Come With Me."
Its Evil Gasp Echoed.
I Screamed In My Head. The Scardness I Was Feeling Couldn't Be Explained In Words.
"Please Don't Touch Me, Im Innocent!"
I whispered.
I Was Pushed Into An Allyway And Fell Onto The Concrete. Oh Great Now My Butt Hurts!

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