New Boy On The Block

When your whole life gets a lot better.


1. The Bus Stop

So it all started one summer afternoon. I miss the bus home, so I sat at the bus stop waiting for the next one.  I looked up from texting my mum saying I was going to be late home.  I didn’t even realise there was a boy sat next to me. He had dark brow messy hair, blue sparkly eyes; he was wearing a cute black V-necked top and jeans. I looked at him and he gave me a cute smile.

 I looked at my phone. 20 minutes have passed the bus should be here soon. Then it started to rain. A smile of relief came across my face when I saw the bus turn round the corner.  I got up and the bus slowly stopped. I got on the bus and looked around there was only a few people on the bus I walked up to the back and sat down. I had been on the bus for 3 stops, the next one in getting off.  The bus started to slow down and I got up and so did the boy I saw earlier at the bus stop.

 I walked slowly walked up the road and come to the ally way where I had to walk up. There was a man quite tall wearing all black standing about half way up the ally. I started to walk up the ally way and just after I walked past the man I felt someone grab my arm and spun me around. I stared to scream telling him to get off me when all of a sudden. He let go of me and he fell to the floor. I ran away as quick as I could, but it was no good I could feel like someone was fallowing me.

 I heard a deep voice say “hay! Stop! Are you okay?” I stop and turned around it was the boy from the bus stop. He catches up to me and very out of breathy said “are you okay?”

I left it a few seconds before I replayed saying “umm yeah I guess, thanks.”

“My name’s Mark, what’s yours?”

“Summer, umm you were at the bus stop earlier weren’t you?” 

“Umm yeah”

“Hmm are you fallowing me?”

“No I live just up that road there!” pointing to a road coming of the road, was standing in the middle of.

“That where I live, I’ve never see you round here before”

“Yeah... umm.. I moved in to my uncles!” he said with a tier running down his check. He started to walk to the road he said he lived at. I just stood there in amazement. Was he crying? Did I say something wrong?

I ran up to him “wait what’s the matter?”

“Nothing!”   He said whilst rubbing his eyes. “So what school do you go to?” he asked after a minuet.

“St. Maynard’s, how about you?”

“Same” he said with a big smile on his face. “Well this is my stop” he said stopping at the gate of the house before mine.

“It looks like we are going to be neighbours” I said whilst walking up my path and putting my key into my front door.

“Guess so” he chuckled.

I walk in and shouted “I’m home!” whilst running upstairs to my bed room and sat down on the end my bed.

My mum walked in my room looking kind of upset.

“What’s the matter mum?” …


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