To live in another world.

Kate is a 17 year old student from California. She has like every teenage girl, a crush on a celebrity. Kate's crush is on Justin. Justin Bieber. Follow her life, and go with her through good and bad things.


2. Chapter two

Kate took her phone out of her pocket. She opened Twitter, and wrote 'Someone just stole our tickets for believe tour! Well, I'm not seeing you anyways then @justinbieber. I'll just sit outside the arena and cry and cry and cry.' She still couldn't believe, that someone would do that! "I hate everything and everyone right now" Savannah said. Kate agreed. Why would it happen for them? Kate went to the door, and said to the man, that they got their tickets stolen just a few minutes ago. "Sorry, we can't help you" he said. "Can't you just go fucking see who did it, and kick them out?" Kate didn't speak like that normally, but the whole thing, just made her upset. "No, we can't, I'm sorry" he answered gently. As she went away, she screamed "Well, we'll just sit here and cry! Why don't you just go inside and kick them out? Omfg, who are you?" He didn't answer. "Screw you" she whispered.
After 15 minutes, they were both still crying. As they looked at all the Beliebers, who were going to see Justin soon, Kate felt someone poke on her shoulder. They both turned around and saw the 180cm high man standing in front of them. They knew who it was. Scooter. Scooter Braun, the man who found Justin on the Internet. "Hi" they said. "Hi, I'm Scooter, nice to meet you" he said. "Well, Justin saw your tweet, Kate, and told me to go find you. I have been looking for 20 minutes." He brought some tickets up off his pocket and said "So, you have to get in, right? Maybe you want some of these." He looked down at the tickets. There was about 15-20 in his hand. "Omg Scooter, you are amazing" Savannah said. He looked through the tickets. "Uhm, this is row 1. Do you want that or...." He didn't get to say more. Both started crying more than they already did. "I guess that's a yes?" Kate nodded. She gave him a big hug. "Thank you so much. You are seriously the best man on earth! And btw will you tell Justin, that we'll support him till the end, no matter what?" She asked. "Yeah sure." They talked for 5 minutes, took a picture, and then moved on.
Savannah and Kate hugged each other, and then walked in the arenas direction.
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