To live in another world.

Kate is a 17 year old student from California. She has like every teenage girl, a crush on a celebrity. Kate's crush is on Justin. Justin Bieber. Follow her life, and go with her through good and bad things.


3. Chapter three


The door man looked at Kate, and said "what was it all about before, with the stolen tickets?" She looked at him, and answered "Scooter came and gave us new tickets, because Justin saw my tweet about the bitch who stole them." She regret using the word 'bitch' just after she said it. But she just still were really mad at the girl.

They got in few minutes later. There were so many people inside. “Let’s go find out who stole the tickets” Savannah said. “Uhm, how?” Kate asked. “Well, we know that we had section B, row 21 seat 71 and 72” she said. They walked up and saw two blond girls standing at their places. “Didn’t you get tickets yourself, huh?” Kate asked, and tried to sound like a bitch. “What do you mean?” one of them asked. “Well, we got our tickets stolen 1 hour ago. It’s funny how you suddenly have the same places.” She said. “I bought these on the internet” the other girl said. “No you didn’t. Go fuck yourself….. bitch” the last part was said really quit, as they went down again. She didn’t want to get in to a fight. They had tickets now, and they were even better. So much better! As Kate and Savannah got down to their places at row one, Kate started a tweet out, ‘I’m at row 1! Thank you @scooterbraun and @justinbieber, you’re so amazing.”

It was 18.45 and the concert would start in about 15 minutes. “I have butterflies, seriously!” Savannah said. “Omg, so do I. This is amazing” It took 10 minutes, before they heard a voice all over the arena “are you ready California?” Everybody screamed. The music started playing, and finally Bieber, the one and only showed up. Kate screamed as loud as she could when he saw him. He was just as flawless as she thought. So beautiful. Justin took off his sunglasses, and through them out in the crowd. “You’re beautiful, beautiful, you should know it” he started singing. 

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