To live in another world.

Kate is a 17 year old student from California. She has like every teenage girl, a crush on a celebrity. Kate's crush is on Justin. Justin Bieber. Follow her life, and go with her through good and bad things.


6. Chapter six


“Where are we going?” Kate asked.

“To my house, I thought you maybe wanted to see that?” he answered.

“Yeah, sure!”

They drove for about 10 minutes. Nonstop talking.  Justin paid the driver, and both of them got out.

“Cover your face. The paps can be here anytime” he said.

They didn’t show up that time fortunately.

Kate and Justin went inside and went to the living room.

“So…. Have you ever brought a fan to your house?” Kate asked him.

“No, I haven’t. I was scared to do it. I had no idea how you would react. Like, if you were the type who had to tell me 1000 times that you love me. I had no idea. But…. You’re kind.” He said. Kate blushed.

“Thank you. I actually was scared to. I didn’t knew you either. But of course I had my imagines about how amazing you would be.”

They talked for hours. Justin was just as sweet as Kate had imagined.

“Well, it’s late. I have to go home. I guess we’ll meet again?”Kate asked.

“Yeah, sure! I’ll text you”

“Cool. Bye, I had a great time”

“So did I, bye”

Kate closed the door, and went out with the biggest smile on her face.

“Where have you been?” Kate’s mother asked, as she got in.

“Can’t tell you mum”

“Come on, I’m your mother”

“Sorry, you probably find out. Love you” Kate said, and ran upstairs.

‘Had such a great time today @justinbieber!’ She tweeted.

‘@katehumprey do you know Justin?’ someone asked her.

‘@elizabiebs no, I just met him at the street’ she lied.

5 minutes later, she got a text from Justin.

‘You’re a good liar, haha’ He had probably seen her tweet.

‘I know’ she replied.

See you soon again?’ Justin texted.

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