To live in another world.

Kate is a 17 year old student from California. She has like every teenage girl, a crush on a celebrity. Kate's crush is on Justin. Justin Bieber. Follow her life, and go with her through good and bad things.


5. Chapter five


Kate woke up at 10.45AM to the sound of a text on her phone. She opened her eyes and took the phone in her hand.

‘Hi, found your number in my pocket, I’m really not sure who this is, but I guess it can be important? – Justin’

“No way!” She almost screamed. Kate read the text over and over again. It was unbelievable.

‘Hi, well it’s kinda not important for you, but for me, it is! I gave you my number on stage last night. You know, I’m the girl who got my tickets stolen. – Kate’

She clicked ‘send.’ The chance to get Justin Bieber to text you was like 1 out of 31 million. Kate was speechless. It didn’t take very long, before a new message showed up on the screen.

‘Oh, hi then. It is important to me actually…. Cause I thought you were beautiful, and I would like to get to know you. I mean – if you want?’

She punched herself in the face. ‘Is this a dream?’ she thought. It wasn’t. It was as real as it could be.

Oh yes I do! And thank you, it means a lot. When and where?’

Kate got her hair up in a pony tail and went downstairs to eat breakfast.  “Morning” she said. “Good morning honey” her mum said.  Kate took a piece of bread and ate it before she went the couch to watch some Pretty Little Liars. A new text showed up on the screen again.

‘Well I’m off today, I can pick you up if you want?’


‘If I want’ she said to herself and smiled. ‘Of course I do!’ 

Pick me up at 1 at the subway in the northern California?’

Just imagine sending a text like that to your crush. This is just even better! This is your idol. Kate went to her room again to dress up for the “date” or what she should call it? She brushed her hair out and started to straight it. She took some shorts on with a loose lace top. She got her makeup done, and went downstairs again.

“Mum, I’m going out, I’ll call you if it gets late. Love you” she said.

It took her about 10 minutes before she was at the subway. It was 12.55.

‘I’m in a taxi at the sub trying not to get recognized. Don’t want any rumors. Try to find the taxi, and get in J’ Justin texted.

She looked for it. Finally she spotted one, and opened the door. There he was. Justin Bieber. The 18 year old pop sensation. “Hi” she said. “Hi beautiful” he said and gave her a hug.

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