To live in another world.

Kate is a 17 year old student from California. She has like every teenage girl, a crush on a celebrity. Kate's crush is on Justin. Justin Bieber. Follow her life, and go with her through good and bad things.


1. Chapter one

It was October 17th. The day Kate had been looking forward to since January. Today was the day, where Kate should see her idol, for the first time. She couldn't believe it. "Are you ready" her mom said. "Yeah, yeah, I guess i am" she said. "Savannah will pick me up at 4pm" she said with the exitement in her voice. It was 3.30 pm. Kate took her phone and started out writing a tweet. 'Omg, I'm so exited, I'm seeing Justin today!" Just these words made her melt. It was unbeliveable. Just as she put her phone down, she heard it vibrate. 'I'll be there in 5' from Savannah. Kate grabbed her bag, with her camera, phone, money and tickets. "It's now" she said to herself. She turned off the lights and went down stairs. Before she went out, she double checked that the tickets were in the bag. "I'm going now mum, see you" Kate said and the closed the door after her. "Hi" Savannah said and gave her a big hug. "Hi" she answered. "Are you exited?" Kate asked. "I almost couldn't sleep last night. This is going to be the best night of my life."
Kate looked in the window, and saw her long, brown, curled hair, the 'Belieber forever' top and the purple shorts which matched her purple shoes. Her skinny tanned legs were great for that outfit. She smiled.
After about 20 minutes, they were outside the arena. "Should we go in" Savannah said. "Yeah, I'll find the tickets." Kate looked at the open bag and wondered why it wasen't closed. She was sure that she did. "Did you open my bag" she asked Savannah. "No, does it mind?" She asked. "Savannah someone stole our fucking tickets." She could feel the tears on her cheeks. She was crying a river. "I can't believe it. This was going to be the night of our life's. How can someone be so rude?" Savannah said in tears.
They both sat down on the street, both crying rivers, and both hoping for a miracle.
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