The Beauty Of Christmas [Justin Bieber]

"What would you like for Christmas?" Justin asked me as we continued looking up the twinkling stars. I looked at him and smiled. "I want nothing." I said as he looked at me raising on eyebrow. "What? Why not?" He asked. "Because, the only thing I wanted for Christmas was you." I said, he blushed. Then, I didn't realize that his lips were on mine. Perfect timing for the kiss when the fireworks went up the sky. A perfect Christmas.


2. 1

"10 days 'till Christmas." I said to myself marking an ex in the calendar. "Did you get me a present?" Desiree asked. "Not yet but, i'm still searching in the mall." I said tucking her hair behind her ear as she smiled and ran out my bedroom. I'm happy to have her as my sister. She's sweet. Kind. And beautiful.

So, I sat on my bed. I was very bored. I got tired of teasing Clark so I decided to give us both a little short break. I sighed. I heard a loud slam from the door that got me out of my bed and running to the hallway. I saw Clark open his bedroom door to see what's happening too. Then, Desiree ran to me, hugging my hips.

"Go inside my room. Keep the door slightly open. Okay? Call Clark. Tell him to stay with you inside my room. And don't get out the room without my instructions." I said to her as she went to Clark's room. 

They both got inside my room and closing the door a little only incase dad might be chasing me with a knife for butting in their fight.

I act like the eldest but i'm not. I slowly took a step on the stair then I kept walking down. Their, I saw dad and mom yelling at each other.

"Shut up, for a minute will you!" Dad yelled at mom's face. "No! You shut up! Maybe if you focus first on family and second on your stupid job!" My mom yelled back. "Bitch, please! I am trying my best! If you want me to spend time with the kids then you're telling me to quit my job?!" 

"No foul words in this house! And i'm not telling you to quit your job. I am just telling you that every break time of your job, try spending time with the children! Not just by sitting down on the couch watching sports! Your kids needs support!" She said as I cleared my throat.

"You know what dad. Maybe some support is what we really do need. Especially Desiree." I said as I gulped.

"You know what?! The only reason why my head bursts in to madness is because of the two of you! I never raised you to be like this!" He yelled at me. I was running out of things to say. But then something went on my mind to tell dad.

"You weren't the one that raised me. It was only mom." I said taking a step back. "You know, with that mouth of yours? I think you deserve to die!" My dad said grabbing the knife and running to me.

"RUN!" My mom yelled scared as I ran upstairs to my bedroom. My dad was too fast so he grabbed my left foot which caused me to trip. I kicked his face then he let go. Luckily I was just wearing socks or else he could've been bleeding already.

My mom ran also to him to help me. As dad let go of my feet, I then ran to my bedroom. I locked the door and ran to my bed. I saw Desiree taking a nap on the mattress at the floor as Clark was searching the internet. 

"Are you okay?" He asked as I nodded. "Take a deep breath." He said as I inhaled and exhaled. 

I carried Desiree carefully placing her on my bed. "Clark, the floor ain't cement. It's a soft one. So, I think you're fine sleeping on it?" I asked. "Even though it's not cement, it's still dirty." He said as I rolled my eyes. 

"Well, I think me and Desiree will just sleep here on the mattress and you on my bed." I said putting a bedding on the mattress. "No way. It's flowers." He exclaimed. "Well, my room has tiny little space since I placed a little kitchen." I said.

"Fine. Your room is like a little house. You have a little kitchen that only has an electice stove, a sink, a refrigerator and utensils then you have a bathroom." He said as I smiled. I grabbed the other mattress under my bed and placed it on the floor beside mine.

"Is this fine now?" I asked as he nodded as I smiled. 

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