The Beauty Of Christmas [Justin Bieber]

"What would you like for Christmas?" Justin asked me as we continued looking up the twinkling stars. I looked at him and smiled. "I want nothing." I said as he looked at me raising on eyebrow. "What? Why not?" He asked. "Because, the only thing I wanted for Christmas was you." I said, he blushed. Then, I didn't realize that his lips were on mine. Perfect timing for the kiss when the fireworks went up the sky. A perfect Christmas.


1. Bree Phillips

Hi everyone! It's nice meeting you!

I am Bree Phillips, no nickname.

I am 16 years old and I have a brother who is 18 named Clark.

I also have a sister who is 9 years old and her name's Desiree.

My mom and dad fights all of the time.

I get bullied by everyone at school. Except Clark. Desiree school at Angel Montessori so she doesn't know.

I was born to be 14% tommy boy. So don't bother. 

I go to school with my skateboard.

I have a long, brown wavy hair and I have green emerald eyes. 

I'm not thin nor fat.

I hate make-ups! Gosh.

So, I have nothing else to say so,

Bye! =)

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