Who to Choose?

Maddie is bestfriends with 1Ds Louis! They have been bestfriends since 1st grade, Louis is always there for her when she needs him. But are they friends or more? And when Maddie meets Harry everyhting changes! Read to find out! ~Hailey<3


1. Bestfriend and Boyfriend issues.

Maddie's Pov.

As I walked in my bestfriends house i see her kissing my boyfriend Ron! "Maddie,come back!" screamed Marie

"I hate you Marie leave me alone!"  I took out my phone and pressed 1 that's Louis speed dial!

 "Ello." said Louis

"Hey Louis can you please come pick me up?"

"Sure ill be there in 3 min."

"k see ya in a bit"  

"yeah bye love."

       Louis picking up Maddie;

"You okay?" asked Louis

"not really." I replied as I cried endlessly.

 "don't cry love whats wrong?"

"I seen my best friend Marie kissing Ron! "

"Oh I'm sorry."

"Its fine, but where are we going?" 

"You're going to meet the boys!"


"Yes don't be shy we are close."

 "Yayyy." I was so nervous to meet them.

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