The Reverse Effect

Dylan Nalson, A boy who worked with his father in a boring science lab. One day he was picked to test the new paradox-free time machine. It didn't take him through time... It reverse it!!!

First Novel By Sean Fuller


1. Dylan Nalson

In the far east of Manhatten Dylan Nalson lived with his father in a crumby science lab. He was payed for cleaning up after all the explosions, calling the ambulce and making cheese burgers. He was yet only 7 years old but lived a life full of wonders. He lived a life anyone would call stupid. That night he wished upon a little star ( A flammable teddy bear being flung into space by his father ) that he would have an amazing thing happen to him. He was sure something would happen considering it was his 8th birthday the next morning. He also wished upon another little star ( Which was also another flammable teddy bear being flung into space by his father ( again lol )) they wouldn't forget his birthday like last year!




"Good Morning!!!" said Dylan cheerfully "Ya know what today is!!!". "The day you make us PANCAKES!!!!!!!" His father yelled.

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