On The Outskirts Of The Gang

Rosa is a pretty, self-conscious girl who wants to be cool. She's a bit afraid of Jessica, the most popular person in the entire year. As she clings on at the edge of Jessica's gang, she notices things that slowly make her realise that there is something odd going on...


37. Wednesday 28th October

What happened?

Yesterday, I just seemed to go blank. It was like I couldn't think, like my future was written out for me and all I had to do was listen to the instructions. Jessica's instructions. It's almost as though she possessed me - but I know that's not possible. Still...

I visited Penny at the hospital this morning. Following my own plans seemed to snap me out of my trance. I didn't forget the cakes. Luckily she was in a great mood. The 'accident' (that's the story anyway) has totally changed her. She's like the person I knew before, but without the cruel putdowns. It would have been impossible not to like this new, nicer Penny - and to not hate the gang for hurting her. I know the truth now.

I reread my last diary entry when I got back from there. The way I treated Sapphire was horrible. Her mum just died, and I almost completely blanked her. What sort of friend am I? I rang her to say sorry, and that I'm definitely moving to her school. I am, because Mum received a letter this morning to say that my application had been successful. I start at Herstony High on the first Friday after half term. That means I have just over a week to think of a way to shove off the gang. I feel so bad about doing it to some of them (Katya and Imogen in particular) but I can't be friends with people who break bones to prove a point.

I'm going to start spending the time I usually use for writing to practise what I'll say on my last day. I've scrapped the plan to tell Katya first. I'm not going to treat some people better than others, like they do with their stupid popularity rules. How could I ever have cared so much about them? Anyway, I'm just going to tell it to everybody straight next Thursday. It seems the fairest way.

So, don't expect to hear from me until Thursday. For now, goodbye!

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