On The Outskirts Of The Gang

Rosa is a pretty, self-conscious girl who wants to be cool. She's a bit afraid of Jessica, the most popular person in the entire year. As she clings on at the edge of Jessica's gang, she notices things that slowly make her realise that there is something odd going on...


36. Tuesday 27th October

I'm keeping this short. That way, I won't get attached to this childish diary nonsense again.

Jessica rang me this morning. What she said scared me on so many levels.

"I'll get straight to the point, Rosa. I know what you want to do. Well, I forbid it."

The way she said it - she was my leader. Her will was my will. It doesn't matter what I thought was right. The authority when she gave the order left me no reason to ignore it. She was entirely right. I was stupid for ever having thought she was wrong.

"Ok. I don't mind. I'll do whatever you think is best."

"I knew you'd understand."

I had just ended the call when Sapphire's number came up on the screen.

"Rosa?" Her voice was pleading, but it didn't seem to affect me. I knew she would try to separate me from Jessica.


"The leader of our skating club said I would be a definite for the team if I was up to it."

"And?" There had been a tone of disappointment in her voice.

"I said I wasn't."


"What's up with you? You sound so annoyed by me."

I didn't respond.

"Well, whatever. Clearly, you're not the person I thought you were. Still, I'll tell you outright. My mum died."

"You just want my sympathy."

"Wouldn't you if you'd just lost a parent?"

I didn't respond, again.

"I knew you were the same as the rest." She hung up.

I'd resisted her bait. Jessica would be pleased with me.

As I put my phone down, I glanced in the mirror. There was an angel in it. She was me.

Jessica had given me everything I needed. I was beautiful.

Who are you? Rosa, you're turning into a slave. No, I'm not. I'm turning into a goddess, just like Jessica is.

Help us, someone. She's killing us.

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