On The Outskirts Of The Gang

Rosa is a pretty, self-conscious girl who wants to be cool. She's a bit afraid of Jessica, the most popular person in the entire year. As she clings on at the edge of Jessica's gang, she notices things that slowly make her realise that there is something odd going on...


18. Thursday 9th October

The test was cancelled! We had a cover teacher today who didn't seem to know anything about it. Instead of giving out papers, they handed us worksheets and 'related games' - wordsearches and anagrams using keywords from our topic. The tasks were easy and I finished them in no time, so for the rest of the lesson I just sat back and chatted to Katya and Megan. They didn't seem to want to talk to each other though, which was a bit awkward as we were the only people at a 6-seat table. I was in between them and tried to alternate who I spoke to. Conversations were hard because I felt a bit mean about leaving anyone out but as soon as you directed something at the other person, the first one went silent. Surely that's pushing on extreme rudeness, and yet Megan was supposedly friends with Jessica's gang again. Oh, it's so muddling!

We had a surprise assessment in the lesson after that. It was music, and we had to write and perform a short piece using djembe drums, marimbas and maracas. The team with the best one would win a big bar of chocolate. The teacher should have known better than to let us go off on our own to practise. As soon as the groups went into the practise rooms, the boys went crazy. Drums were pounded constantly, and people started doing bizarre dances involving shaking the maracas. The walls aren't that soundproof so we could hear every part of this lunatic show. It was excruciatingly painful to hear their 'finished performances' when they actually did their assessment.

All the groups had suffered from the mania, but ours had managed to pull together a decent in-time piece with a melody and two harmonies on marimba. As a result, our team members - me, Katya, Hattie, Felicity, Imogen and Jessica - got the highest levels. We also won the prize, and after the lesson we were surrounded by a mob of our classmates asking for a piece of our chocolate. Jessica soon got them to go away using her famous turn-on haughty manner. As they left, she broke it by sticking her tongue out at the retreating crowd. Then she split the winnings equally and handed them around. We enjoyed our success in happy silence.

Another good thing that happened today was that Mum agreed to let me apply for Saturday Roller-Disco Club. I'm going to get the form downloaded from the link on Penny's email and fill it out tonight. They select by first-come-first-served so I'll have to do it as quickly as possible. Penny has already been accepted, and she said that I can go shopping for roller-skates with her on Sunday. They do provide them at the club, but Penny said that apparently they are quite old so they stink a bit. If we have our own, we can also practise together on other days. I hope I like it after all this build-up! Well, it probably doesn't feel like much to you, but this takes quite serious organising - by my standards!

I'm going to Felicity's house tomorrow with the rest of Jessica's gang for another mini-rehearsal. The last one was really fun and it's better not just having to do it all on my own. It helps me to figure out what tone to use to fit with how they say their lines. Also, part of me just enjoys watching them perform! I can't tell you just how good they are; I can't choose the right words to do them justice.

I'm going now to get the form for the club. Goodbye!

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