On The Outskirts Of The Gang

Rosa is a pretty, self-conscious girl who wants to be cool. She's a bit afraid of Jessica, the most popular person in the entire year. As she clings on at the edge of Jessica's gang, she notices things that slowly make her realise that there is something odd going on...


28. Sunday 19th October

I saw Penny this morning. She came round to apologise, apparently. I looked her straight in the eye when she said that, and she looked away. Obviously she knew that she was totally in the wrong.

"Don't take it out on me. I say what I think."

"Not to me you don't. If it's something bad about people, then you have to learn to keep it in your head."

"Look, Rosa. I'm asking you to let it go. It was one day! Anyone can make mistakes."

"It's hardly a mistake. If you treat it as one, then you'll never be able to conquer the fault." My tone remained calm, while hers was getting even more heated. She couldn't face the truth that I was so plainly highlighting for her. There was no way we could ever be very close again.

"Penny, listen to me. Cool it. When you got defensive before, you completely alienated Katya and let hatred into you. Don't try to build these walls against me, because you're the only one who'll get hurt."

"How dare you? And anyway, who's defensive?" She was freezing over, coldness leaking into her voice.

"Please, just breathe. I'm not your enemy, even if I can't really be your friend. Go home and calm down. You look like you could do with the rest." She did. Her face was pale and her hair was dry and straggly. Her eyes were dull and tired.

"I'm going, all right." She spun on her heel and stalked away from the door. As I watched her go, I felt strangely glad. Even though the talk had gone so badly, I was great to get her off my back. I remembered how friendly Megan was to her on her first day. Well, she was welcome to her. Also, not even Penny deserved to be alone.

When I was flicking through the pages of this diary, I noticed something from one of the early pages. It was when I'd had the theory about a correlation between looks and Jessica's opinion. Now Penny was firmly against Jessica, she looked awful - haggard and exhausted. Looking in the mirror, I seemed even prettier than I was at the start of Friday. There was something seriously odd happening - not bad, just strange. It's almost as though she is changing us through her thoughts, if that is even possible.

On another note, I'm excited about going to school tomorrow. Everyone will have heard about me being part of the gang, so it will be funny to see how differently they react to me - and how I react to them! I guess popularity will change me, but I can't be sure. Well, as I can't come to any conclusion on that, now would be a good time to end. Goodbye!

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