On The Outskirts Of The Gang

Rosa is a pretty, self-conscious girl who wants to be cool. She's a bit afraid of Jessica, the most popular person in the entire year. As she clings on at the edge of Jessica's gang, she notices things that slowly make her realise that there is something odd going on...


15. Monday 6th October


Sorry, I had to get that out of the way. Its not like I could yell that sort of (flabbergasted) nonsense at school, and I don't think my mum would appreciate the damage to her hearing. Writing is a good way to let out positive  emotion without getting crushed by the negativity of others. Ooh, that sounded really formal! On with today's recount...

This morning, I decided to put my hair up with my silver clip in. Fixing up hair styles is calming, and as I ran my fingers through my dark locks I forgot about all my troubles. I was so distracted by it that I lost track of the time, and consequently was nearly late for class. Luckily, the register had not been taken because the teacher was relaying notifications. She didn't notice me sneak in.

".. so I wish good luck to all of you that are playing in the match this afternoon. That's all, I think." Felicity raised her hand. "Yes, Felicity?"

"When do the people who auditioned for Annie find out if they've got a role?"

"There will be a meeting in the hall at the end of the day. Parts will be given out then, along with rehearsal schedules and scripts."

"Thanks, miss." Jessica smiled at Felicity, then Katya, with a half-smug look on her perfect face. She is so lucky.

By break-time, Imogen was frantic to speak to me. She came over and started to talk very fast.

"OhmygoshdidwedoOKdoyouthinkwegotpartsdamnIamsoscared!" she fired at top speed.

"Imogen, chill! Remember, we did the scene brilliantly, and the song sounded great when you practised it. I'm sure you got a great role." I put my hand on her shoulder and looked her straight in the eye. "You have no reason to be so terrified!"

In contrast, I had a very good reason. It quite muddled me that I was so relaxed about the meeting. Well, I guess I knew that if I didn't get a part, people that were more deserving would. I would just have to wait and see what happened.

As if I was being brought into the 'zone', my next lesson was music. We did have to do singing, but we were doing it as a class so I could stay quiet. Embarrassingly, the teacher had a rubbish voice! All lunch, Katya and I kept bringing it up, imitating him and giggling.

For the afternoon, I was in Drama. Because there was no-one else that I particularly knew, I worked with Megan. She didn't need the bandage any more, I noticed gladly. Tactfully, I didn't mention it to her, and we worked pretty well; the teacher praised our short sketch.

When the Annie meeting came around, the room was filled with people, mainly girls, all waiting anxiously to discover who had got what role. As my Drama teacher - Mr Julier - entered, the hall went silent.

"Well,"he said, in his big booming voice,"I must say thanks to all of you for being willing to give up your time to our show. Before we announce the cast, congratulations to you all. Every person was good in their own way."

Yeah right, I thought. Why can't teachers just be honest?!

"Now, on to the bit you've all been waiting for. The person who will be playing Annie is... Jessica!"

Everyone's eyes turned to her. She beamed as she collected a script to thunderous applause.

"The people playing the other orphanage girls will be revealed next. I can't remember who is playing each individual character, but it will have it listed on your scripts. Anyway, here they are... Felicity, Imogen, Hattie, Katya..."

As he read on, I felt really proud of the gang members. They had all landed big parts.

"...and finally Yasmina! Well done, girls!" My name wasn't on that list, but I hadn't expected it to be. While he listed all the other people with roles, I lost all hope. I wasn't even in the chorus!

"I think that's all the parts. I'll just check that I haven't got any scripts that I left out." He searched his bag. "Oh, there's one more. How could I have forgotten! Miss Hannigan, the orphanage mistress, will be played by Rosa!"

All eyes were on Rosa Evedale, a Year 11, as she walked up to receive the script.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I meant Rosa Callen! Here you go!" He handed it to me. I couldn't believe it was actually happening.

"Right, that's all of them. For those with a part, don't forget to pick up a rehearsal schedule from by the door. You can go."

Do you understand now why I am so excited? Anyway, bye for now!

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