Remember Me???

Syema is your average girl, light brown hair,blue eyes,and stuff like that. She is from New York, New York but for some reason she has that British accent. She is now 21 and lives in New York, when she was 15 she was in a car accident and lost her memory.She doesnt remember anything begore that but her family and friends convinced her that their related.Oh, I forgot to say she is a HUGE Directioner, I know its silly but she has a crush on Harry Styles, it almost seems like they met before, or did they? And what happened to cause her crash????



Hi, my name is Syema, see by my name you my think I'm an average girl, and thats what i think, but my boyfriend for the past year keeps telling me otherwise.He keeps on saying, and I quote, " your not and average girl, your my girl and the most beautiful one ive ever seen. Dont ever call yourself average, average is not too smart or not too pretty and not too funny, but you are the smartest,prettiest, and funniest girl ive ever met." Sonds chhesy reight but thats what i love about my boyfriend.And today is our one year anniversary and hes taking me somewher special, ive asked him but he said then that wouldnt be a surprise. So nw im getting ready for my most prized posession, my boyfriend. Your probably wondering who this cheesy,but also flirty boyfriend of mine is well if i must tell you, Harry Styles. Before we started to got out we've never really talked umless its a hi or something, but then he told me that hes been watching me for awhile and said we sould go out some time so here we are.Oh and did i tell you that its really easy to fall in love at age 15. We've been dating since 14.Oh and hes going to audition for the x-factor next year.He has an AMAZING voice.So here i am now fully dressed in my black just above the knee lenghth dress and red flats with clear crystals all over them, and red earrings and my hair let out. Also some light makeup. I was getting bored so i texted my bestest firend in the whole wide world, Alicia. 

Me: Hey wacha doiinnnn???

Alicia: nothing just sitting around watching t.v.,you?

Me:waiting for harry to come pick me up, got bored so texted you.

Alicia:oh yea i almost forgot its yours and harrys anniversary right??

Me:yup im soo excited!!!!

Alicia:u shud be soo wheres he taking uuuuuuu

Me: i dunno he wont tell me

Alicia:that means its some place romantic,ohhhhhh i cant wait for the info 2morrow

Me: oh please, i gotta go the doorbell just rang hes here BYE!!!!!

I grab my red clutch put my phone inside and go open the door.Once i opened the door his jaw was on the floor.After about five seconds i break the silence,"what?! is ther something on my face??" "No.....its just....your beautiful."he finally spoke in his sexy ass voice. I blush at his comment."Dont blush babe i only spoke the truth"he said."well you dont look as bad yourself Styles"I replied. "ya ya i already know that so come otside" i did as told and we were so close like 5 inches apart and he leaned in for a kiss.But i thought itd be fun  to tease him a bit so i stepped back."what now i cant even kiss you without asking??" "no' "then may i kiss you" "no" i replied once again. "pwettyyy pwease" i coulnt take not kissing him so i just went all in. He chuckled i n the middle of the kiss but then kissed back. It was a very passionate kiss. And very long.

After the kiss i pulled back and he groaned telling me he wanted more."come on we are gonna be late" i begged him. " late for what?" "wherever" oh that wherever is just around the corner but i want you to close your eyes" "k" i closed my eyes and he took me to the place and told me to open my eyes. It was his house but all the lights were turned of and in th middle was a candle light dinner.So heres the run through of that night 

we ate

we talked

we laughed

we exchanges gifts he have me a charm bracelet with a pictures of us as the charms

we kissed ALOT

and then i was grabbing my cluch to walk home when he stopped me to say some thing,"Syema i love more than anything, and we've been together for a year and i just wanted to tell you...."

"imm in loooveee with youuu" he sang in my ears. i kissed him so dam hard that he moaned a little. but eventually we pulled back and i started to walk out when he pulled me back in the house and said "the nights not over yet" "what do you mean" " i got my cousin to drive us all around town" he says in  a sassy tone. "you did that.... for mee..." i said trying to hold back tears. "I can do anything for you, now lets go my cousin iss downstairs waiting fr us" with tht we left and turns out harrys cousin was drunk but we didnt notice and there was another girl in the car my age so when we went inside the car she just grabbed harry and kissed him. i got so furious i ran out of the car and just started running while in tears i didnt care where i was going i just needed to be be away from harry. i heard him call after me a few times but i didnt listen. i saw harrys cousins car coming so i decided to make a turn but as i running through the road harrys cousins car hit me. 




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