It Strikes On Twelve

Molly is only 18 years old and has just earned her job as a waitress at Nandos in Paris. As much as the French girl, loves to sing, dance and even have a little fun, her job does have its way downs right? Not allowed to leave the restaurant until everything is clean and tidy. So when she starts hearing rumors about a ball that's going on, she must try her absoloute best to go. But even her boss, doesn't want her going. If Molly's going to make it out, she only has until 12, before her boss tracks her down. Especially since there's a certain Irish lad in town at the moment, with his friends...can Molly resist, what she's going to the ball for, or will it all fall apart?


1. Nandos Break

"MOLLY.... " a screeching sound rang through the girl's ears as her head flew up, from the silver bench she had been resting on. The young girl glanced around the room, there were customers waiting in line at the cash register and she had left it all unattended. She sighed making her way back over to it " Hi I'm Molly, how can I help you today? " she asked one of the grumpy customers who had been obviously waiting at the front of the line. As the customer started to rattle off their order, the girl wrote down every word that they said. Starting with the salads and fading into the chickens. She eventually calculated the total as usual and named the price. After the customer had paid, she begun to take down another order. The girl's eyes were becoming weary as they somehow searched the room. She looked as if she really needed somebody to take over, for at least, just a minute. She hated, the cash register, there were too many buttons to press and work out " Molly! " called somebody who was out the back. The girl's eyes flew to the back door where a young boy walked out " Mike! " she replies with a smile, giving the boy a quick hug " Can you do me a quick favor? " she asks looking up at the boy.
" Sure Mol, I'll do anything for you " he replies with a smile. Molly whispered a few words to the boy, who was her friend and the boy agreed " Just tell me when you would like your job back " he says with a cheeky smile, as he heads over to the cash register " Thank you! " the girl calls out, as she takes off her apron and walks out the entrance door, with her bag and a wide smile plastered on her face
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