Bye bye perfect

Peter Wilson has a good wife, two good children and a good house. He is happy like that. But then, one day, his ex shows up, with a child claiming to be his, and it's bye bye perfect.
Mouse slowly begins to find the flaws in this family, so she decides as they don't want her, she wont talk. But when a gourgouse boy starts taking intrest... what can you do???


2. Mother Meets Mouse

Emily's P.O.V

“So let me get the straight. You don’t tell me about my daughter, till she’s 13, and then expect me to have her whilst you go swanning of to Morocco? Unbelievable!” He sounded angry, and he had every right to be. Mum picked me up from school a whole lesson early, and took me home. When I got home I found dad talking to this woman he’d been out with just after he and my mum broke up, but then my mum found out she was having me, and they got back together. When I was seven, they got married. He never even knew he had another daughter, only a few months younger than me. George and I are his children, and my mother Janet is his wife.  Not this Carrie-Anne and her daughter! “Trust me; this was not our first choice.” Said Carrie-Anne, “We considered relatives, boarding school, family friends, the lot. We even thought about social services. But we thought this would be the best option.” Dad looks irritated and Mum looks furious. Who does this woman think she is? “So what do you plan do in morocco, hmm? Swan around with you’re knew boyfriend? Oh, no, that’s right. You’ve got buisness to attend to, haven’t you? Humph.” He starting to get angry, but Carrie-Anne just raises her eyebrows and smiles a little.

“Actually, Will’s my husband.” Dad looks startled. “And I’m going to spend a year with my mother before she dies. Will would look after Mouse, but He’s in Japan. He’s a scientist.” I’m just sitting there, thinking ‘Who on earth is mouse?’ and I guess I’m not the only one. “You can’t be serious? You called her Mouse? And I suppose you live some sort of hippie lifestyle? I doubt that Will really is a scientist! He’s probably jobless!” Mum hisses. Mum isn’t usually like this, but if your husband’s ex turns up, with a child no one knew he had, you’d be angry too! I’m just about to agree when mouse cuts in.

 I’d almost forgotten that she was there. Her voice is as clear and cold as crystal, but at the same time makes you feel the same way you do as when you have a mug of hot chocolate on Christmas Eve. Warm, cosy, content, and kind of excited, too. Hanging on her every word, wanting her to know you’re listening. It was a really weird feeling! “Don’t talk about my step-father like that! He’s a particle physicist! And we are not hippies. Not that there is anything wrong with being a hippie! I suppose to you that anyone who does yoga and is a vegetarian is a Hippie to you! Come on mum, I knew that this was a bad idea. I’d rather go and live with social services for a year. Much rather. Besides, Mouse is a very nice name. It’s better than Janet, anyway.” And then she turned to go, but before she could go, I called out “Why don’t you go with you’re mother to see your Gram?” all the reply I get is a mangled sob, and then she runs out crying. Carrie-Anne turns to me and Sais gently “before she got Ill, Mouse and my Mother were incredibly close. They were phoning each other every other day, sending letters, e-mails. In fact, Mouse even taught her how to text! But then my mother got dementure. When she was told this, the only thing she said was ‘when it gets bad, don’t let Mouse see me.’ And so to mouse, she’s already dead. That’s why. I’m sorry to have troubled you.” And then she turns and follows her daughter out, pausing only to leave a piece of card on the coffee table.

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