Bye bye perfect

Peter Wilson has a good wife, two good children and a good house. He is happy like that. But then, one day, his ex shows up, with a child claiming to be his, and it's bye bye perfect.
Mouse slowly begins to find the flaws in this family, so she decides as they don't want her, she wont talk. But when a gourgouse boy starts taking intrest... what can you do???


1. Meeting Mouse x

Peter Wilson knew something was wrong the moment he walked into his house. Sure, the mail was in the usual place. He was home at the usual time (2:30). The air still smelled of pine air freshener. The baby gates were still locked securely. But something was amiss. The he saw it, or rather saw them. Two pairs of golden sandals, sitting innocently in the shoe rack. A sure sign that someone else was in the house. Not his wife, Janet, who had gone to collect his baby son George from nursery, neither of which would ever wear golden sandals. Not his daughter, Emily, who was at School till 3:30, because they both had slight heals. It was someone else. Slowly, loosening his tie as he went, he walked towards the living room. The door was ajar, so that’s where he thought the intruders would be. What he saw gave him the fright of his life. Standing there, wearing a pale green dress, her hair in an intricate plait, stood the woman who made his life complete, and yet gave him nightmares as well. “Hello, peter. I don’t believe you’ve met my daughter.” And then, in a shimmery green dress and her hair settling just past her shoulders was the girl whom he just knew would change everything. 

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