Forever and Always

"Harry please?" I whispered as I felt tears brimming in my eyes.
"It's for the best Ellie." Harry replied. His voice cracked, as I looked into his emerald green eyes, they shone, as always and I could tell he was hurting too. He kissed my cheek and pulled me close for what was going to be the very last time.
"I love you, this isn't the end Ellie, It's just the beginning." He whispered.
I wiped a tear as he turned on his heel and headed back inside to the studio.
For him perhaps...


10. More Than Friends

As we arrived at my door, I pushed it open, turning to face Anne and Robin, welcoming them inside. "Hello.." I called. Waiting on a reply to find out where everyone else was. "I'm in the kitchen," my mum called back. "Just through here." I looked at Anne, Robin and Harry gesturing them to follow me through.

"Anne! Robin!" What a nice surprise. "I've just put some bake potatoes in the oven. You're all welcome to stay." She smiled, gesturing at Harry. "As long as you like salad." My dad smiled. "Here let me take your jackets.

My dad left the kitchen, whilst my mum, offered Robin and Anne a seat. "How long do you think tea will be?" I looked at my mum. "About and hour." She replied. Before placing a few drinks on the table "Help yourself.." "Do yo mind if myself and Harry go out for a bit?" "We'll be back soon." Harry added. "It's just to pass some time.

It was Harry who'd suggested it, and I wondered if it was so he could tell me what else he wanted me to know. We left the house and took a left, heading along the path towards the park. It was beginning to get dark, and the street lights had just been switched on. I could see my breath on the air, but I wasn't actually that cold.

"So Harry," I smiled. "What else did you want to say." "Oh Yeah.." he replied, as a expression I couldn't quite read came across his face. "I'm just going to say it. Put it out there... I just hope it doesn't affect things between us, if you disagree." he smiled. I wasn't sure where this was going, but I had a pretty good idea.

"Okay, so, I don't know about you." Harry began. "But I feel like I've known you a really long time Ellie, and I feel quite, close to you." I wasn't sure how to reply. "If that makes sense." He added frowning slightly. "I've know you two weeks, but it feels like years." "I have to admit, I feel do feel similar." I smiled. It was true, everyone I'd spoken to since moving here was so welcoming and friendly.

"Ellie." Harry spoke again, interrupting my thoughts. "I really like you..." My head shot up, as I looked straight into his green eyes as they met with my blue ones. I got the feeling I knew where he was going with this, but I wasn't exactly sure. "I've never felt like this with anyone before, whenever I'm with you, I'm completley at ease.." I didn't quite know what to say ot how to respond. But I felt something very similar with Harry...

"Will you be my girlfriend Ellie?" He seemed to just come out with it, but I found myself smiling. "Yes Haz," I replied quietly before he pulled me close, gently pressing his soft lips against mine. After a few moments we both pulled away slowly, I smiled at Harry, and he smiled in return before we both quickly entwined our hands.


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