Forever and Always

"Harry please?" I whispered as I felt tears brimming in my eyes.
"It's for the best Ellie." Harry replied. His voice cracked, as I looked into his emerald green eyes, they shone, as always and I could tell he was hurting too. He kissed my cheek and pulled me close for what was going to be the very last time.
"I love you, this isn't the end Ellie, It's just the beginning." He whispered.
I wiped a tear as he turned on his heel and headed back inside to the studio.
For him perhaps...


7. Battle Of The Bands

My first week at a new school had flown by. I'd made a good group of new friends and I was really looking forward to tonight. It was the first time I'd heard Harry and his band play and Chlo had told me they were great.

We all applauded as one of the other bands came of the stage, they'd done really well, and I knew Harry and his band had competition. "You thought that was good?" "Wait till you hear this!" Chlo grinned. I smiled in return as Will sat down at his drum kit, and Harry took to the mic.

"Got my first real six string, bought it at the five and dime. Played it till my fingers bled, was the Summer of 69." Harry sung. "Me and some guys from school, had a band and we tried real hard. Jimmy quit, and Joey got married, should of know that we'd never get far..." Wow he was good, Chlo was right! Will was great on the drums too, and at the end of the performance the whole hall were on their feet, having surrounded the stage.

After speaking with their other band members Jaydn and Nick, Harry and Will made their way back over to us. "That was great guys!" I said. As Chlo nodded in agreement. "Thanks! I got such a rush from that!" Harry beamed, throwing his arms round me. It came as a shock, but I embraced it, smiling. "Seriously Harry, you have an amazing voice!"

At the end of the evening, it was time for the winners to be announced. Harry, Will, Jaydn and Nick headed back to the front of the hall, desperate to hear how they'd done. They were incredible but everyone else was great too, so they had some tough competition.

"And the winners are..."


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