Forever and Always

"Harry please?" I whispered as I felt tears brimming in my eyes.
"It's for the best Ellie." Harry replied. His voice cracked, as I looked into his emerald green eyes, they shone, as always and I could tell he was hurting too. He kissed my cheek and pulled me close for what was going to be the very last time.
"I love you, this isn't the end Ellie, It's just the beginning." He whispered.
I wiped a tear as he turned on his heel and headed back inside to the studio.
For him perhaps...


9. Another Shock...

As I headed indoors I couldn't help but smile. I was so proud of Harry, and I was more than happy to support him. I'd known him less than two weeks, but it felt like years. "Hello!" I smiled at my mum, as she greeted me at the door. She'd just come down the stairs from putting Mia to bed. I followed her into the living room, and took a seat. "Hot chocolate?" She asked, smiling... I loved my mum!

"Good evening?" She asked, handing me a cup and taking a seat next to me. "Great!" I replied. "Harry's band won and then just as we arrived back, he told me he's had a call back audition for X Factor!" I added, grinning. "What, like in front of the judges?" My mum looked shocked. "Yes!" I replied. "He's not even told Anne and Robin yet, just myself and Gemma." "When's he planning on telling them?" My mum replied. "Tomorrow," I smiled. "He's asked me to go round. We've not got anything planned, have we?" "Well me and your dad were thinking about driving through to Manchester, with Mia, just to pick up a few last minute birthday presents. So it's worked out quite well that you're able to stay here." She smiled. I grinned in return, I'd completley forgotten about the fact it was my 16th birthday in less than 2 weeks!

My parents along with my little sister, set off early the next morning. Which meant I was in the house alone, from about 9am. I managed to get a lie in, unlike the previous weekend, before heading for a shower, and I found myself arriving at Harry's just slightly after 1. He grinned, as he answered the door. "Hey Ellie! Come and have a sandwhich." Bless him. I followed Harry into the kitchen where Anne was sitting at the table. "Hello Ellie," she smiled, can I get you a drink?" I took a seat, as she filled a glass of fresh orange, before sitting back down beside me. "We're just waiting on Robin to get back from town," she smiled, "Harry has something to tell us." I looked up as Harry took a seat at the table smiling to himself, before placing a sandwhich down in front of myself and Anne. "Thanks Harry." I really was grateful for their hospitality. I guess Harry hoped I'd pretend I didn't know anything about X Factor, so I thought it was best not to.

"I'm back!" Robin called through from the hall. By this time we were all sitting in the living room. "Through here!" Anne replied. Robin walked through and Anne smiled and kissed him. "Tea?" She asked. "I'd love a cup.." He replied before following her through to the kitchen.

"You haven't told them anything then?" I looked at Harry as soon as they'd left the room. "Not a thing." He smiled. "So you want me to pretend I don't know anything then?" I asked, smiling in return. "Yeah!" He grinned. Just as Robin and Anne walked back into the room, and took a seat. "So Harry," Robin began, "What did you want to tell us?" Harry looked up, pretending to have completley forgotten. "Oh yeah, that." He grinned, before replying casually: "I got a call back audition for X Factor." I couldn't help but smile.

"Oh my goodness Harry!" Anne stood up and through her arms round him, before kissing his head. "I'm so proud! When did you find out?" "Last week," Harry smiled again. "And you never said a thing!" Robin was beaming too. "Well done Harry!" I stood up to congratulate him too, and he hugged me tightly.

I spent the afternoon with Harry and his family, and around 4pm, I noticed my parents car was back on the drive. "Would you all like to come round for a meal?" I smiled at Robin and Anne. "That'd be lovely!" Anne smiled as Robin nodded his head in agreement. "It'd be nice to get the chance to say thanks for that lovely meal, that you had for us last weekend," I replied, Anne smiled. "Oh don't be silly.." I smiled in return. "It's fine, honest, especially now our house is fully furnished." "Well if you're sure!" Anne replied. "More than positive!" I answered.

"Ellie?" Harry called, as I headed into the kitchen to pick up my jacket, "I'm in the kitchen." I called back." "Hey," he smiled." "Are you sure, your parents will be fine with us all coming round?." "Yeah, they'll be more than happy." I answered. "Alright then," Harry replied, smiling. "I've got somthing else, I'd like to tell you anyway..."



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