Forever and Always

"Harry please?" I whispered as I felt tears brimming in my eyes.
"It's for the best Ellie." Harry replied. His voice cracked, as I looked into his emerald green eyes, they shone, as always and I could tell he was hurting too. He kissed my cheek and pulled me close for what was going to be the very last time.
"I love you, this isn't the end Ellie, It's just the beginning." He whispered.
I wiped a tear as he turned on his heel and headed back inside to the studio.
For him perhaps...


1. A New Start

Ellies' POV

A new house, a new school, new friends and a new life. I couldn't wait! It's safe to say, I didn't enjoy where I was currently living. (A small town just over the Scottish Border) None of the family did, so when my dad had been offered the oppurtunity of a new job in Manchester we'd jumped at the chance. Mum had instantly began looking at houses within our price range in that area of the country and we'd all instantly fallen in love with one she'd found in the village of Holmes Chapel, Cheshire.

"Ellie C'mon!" My dad called. This was it. I took one last look around my room, at my bare walls, and the wooden floor, before smiling to myself, heading to the landing and closing my bedroom door behind me. As I walked outside, my mum, dad and the removable company were loading the last few things into the van.

I climbed into the back seat of the car, and smiled at my younger sister Mia. "Looking forward to it?" She grinned. "I can't wait!.." I pulled her into a hug. "Nothing like a new start!" I replied.


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