Zayn's Little Princess

Sarah Emily Smith was just an ordinary girl. There wasn't anything special about her, well at least that's what he thought. But when One Direction come to the store she worls at, will Zayn see something in her? What kind of adventures will Sarha be sucked into? Read to find out!


26. Chapter Twenty-six

Zayn's Point Of View

Sarah and I sat down near the Nando’s restaurant. I ordered a Chicken burger and Sarah ordered a chicken wrap. I sunk my teeth into the bread and meat. Mmmmmmm… I love chicken! I thought. We were halfway through our meal when Liam and Luna showed up.

“Vas Happeninggggg?” Liam said, walking up to us.

“Hey! That’s my line!” I complained.

Luna and Sarah went to order for her and Liam.

“Dude! I have something to tell you!” we said at the same time.

“Okay, you go first.” We said simultaneously.

We told each other how we had seen our old girlfriends and how they wanted to get back together and how we had to reject them. Then the girls came back.

Sarah's Point Of View

After our lunch we all went to rollercoasters we hadn’t been to before. When we to got one roller-coaster I asked Luna,

“Are you sure you're tall enough for this ride?” I laughed mocking her height, even though you only had to be like I metre to go on the ride.

“Ha ha.” She sounded sarcastic and very annoyed.

We all got into the first row and put the bars over our bodies. I love these rides the most because your legs hang down and you feel like they're going to hit something. Eventually it was time to go home. We stayed at a hotel t get away from the boring building that is our university. We all cuddled up on the couch and watched a scary movie. I groaned scary movies are not my thing; they scare the living crap out of me. I actually didn’t know what we were watching, but my head was buried in Zayn’s chest half the time because I was so scared.

Once again, I fell asleep in Zayn's arms.

The next day Zayn had planned a little performance for me for Liam and Luna and him.

“And now presenting the beautiful and talented,” I blushed. “Sarah Smith!”

I walked onto the “stage” and sang “I Won't Give Up” by Jason Mraz. I tried to put as much passion into the song as I possibly could. I sang my heart out.

Zayn's Point Of View

When I presented Sarah I saw her blush, I loved it when she blushed, it was so cute. She sang really well. I mean, of course she would, I taught her.

Afterwards we all went into our separate rooms. Sarah and I started making out and soon I was on top of her. She ran her fingers through my hair. Our tongues danced with each other the whole time. Soon we were just in our underwear. When I started to unclip her bra, we heard yelling, we ignored it. The died down and then we heard a scream. We rolled our eyes and slipped some clothes back on. We ran out into the living room.

Luna’s Point Of View

After Sarah practiced her song, Liam and I went into our room.

“I saw you.” I said

“Saw me what?” he got suspicious.

“I saw you kiss Danielle.”

“Okay, first of all, you don’t know the whole story.”

“I know enough. I know a lot about you, Liam Payne. I know that you are terrified of spoons, why, I won't ask. I also know that your favourite colour is purple, I know that your middle name is James; the list goes on. The one thing I didn’t know about you, is that you are a two-timer!” I said raising my voice.

“Hey, she kissed me!”

“And you kissed her back. You know, Liam, I used to have feelings for you. Intense feelings, but now I don’t know anymore. I don’t even know if you wanted to date me in the first place because you liked me or because I was just your little charity project.”

“You're not!”

“Are you sure you weren’t just trying to make Dani jealous?” I questioned.

“No! Can't I just tell you the whole story first?”

“Fine, I'm waiting.” I said impatiently.

“Okay, so after we went down the water slide Dani said something and I turned around and we talked for a while. Then she asked to get back together, I rejected her. I told her that I have moved on and had a new girlfriend, you. Then she quickly leaned in and kissed me.”

“How is that supposed to spare my feelings?” I asked. “That doesn’t change the fact that you kissed her back.” I pointed out.

“No, it doesn’t. But that doesn’t change the fact that, that, I love you.”

I was surprised. “What?”

“I love you Luna, I have ever since I met you.”

I got excited and forgot about the whole thing. “I love you too.” I said giving him a big kiss.

I heard a knock at the door, I ran to answer it.

Sarah's Point Of View

Zayn and I slipped on some clothes and went outside. We were blinded by flashing lights. I knew the paparazzi would catch up with us eventually. There was no way I could have a completely private relationship with Zayn Malik, it would never happen. I thought.

We agreed to take some pictures because they were nice. We posed for some pics and then they started to go overboard and that’s when Liam and Zayn had to escort them out. After like five minutes we heard another knock at the door. Liam answered it.

A woman in a suit with a camera man and a microphone stood there, “Hi I'm Linda Pettigrew. My crew showed me some pictures of you and Zayn with alleged girlfriends. Would you care for an interview for Seventeen magazine?”

“Sure, come on in.”

She interviewed Liam and Luna first and then it was Zayn’s and my turn.

“So, how did you guys meet?” she asked.

“At Harrods, I work there and as he paid, he handed me his number.” I answered

“Interesting. So, what did you guys do for your first date?”

“We had a picnic in Hyde Park.” Zayn answered

“Awwwww, how romantic! How long have you guys been dating?”

“Okay, what month is it? October, and we met in July, so we have been dating for almost four months.” I said.

“Cool! Anything else you guys wanna tell us?”

“Sure.” Zayn spoke up, “Sarah here has the most amazing voice!” I smiled at the ground, blushing. “And she is an awesome girlfriend, and will be the next big star! Maybe even as big as One Direction!” she joked.

“Nice! Well thanks for the interview; it was nice meeting you, Sarah. Bye!” she waved goodbye and left.

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