Zayn's Little Princess

Sarah Emily Smith was just an ordinary girl. There wasn't anything special about her, well at least that's what he thought. But when One Direction come to the store she worls at, will Zayn see something in her? What kind of adventures will Sarha be sucked into? Read to find out!


30. Chapter Thirty

Sarah's Point If View

As Rachel and I were making the cookies, I decided to look up how to make the frosting. I walked into the office and went onto Google. As I was waiting for the page to load I looked out the window. The entire block was covered in a sheet of white! It had snowed overnight! I ran downstairs to tell everyone.

“Hey guys! Look outside!” Niall and Louis were the first to get to the window.

“Oh my god! It’ snowing!”

We all grabbed our coats and ran outside. I was in shock when from behind me…

BOOM! I turned around to see that Niall had thrown a snowball at me. I scooped up the cold snow and chucked it at him.

“Hey! What was that for?”

“It’s a sweet, sweet thing called payback!”

Soon there were snowballs all over the place being chucked everywhere. I had hit everyone but Zayn; every time I threw one he dodged it.

“Do you have eyes in the back of our head or something?” I asked.

“Nope, it’s this thing called stealth.”

And he turned around to throw some more snowballs. I started to run towards him and I jumped on his back, sending him face first in the snow. We both laughed.

“Not so stealthy anymore, are ya?”

I stood up and helped him up. We all walked inside, shivering and drying off.

“Hey do you guys have a hot tub?” he asked me.

“Yeah, why?”

“Okay, girls grab your bikinis, guys were going hot tubing!”

“What! Oh no there is no way I'm going in the hot tub in this weather!”

“Oh come on! Don’t be a scardy cat!” he teased.

“Yeah come on Sarah!” Julia added.

“Ugh, fine I'll do it.”

“Yeah!” Julia and Zayn said in unison.

I grabbed my bikini and a towel and went outside to the rest of the guys. As soon as my toes touched the snow I stepped back into the house.

“This is insane! It’s like -20° outside! You must have some mental issues if you think I'm getting in there!” I pointed to the hot tub.

“Oh come on Sarah! Everyone else is doing it.” Julia said

“So? What's your point?”

“My point is you need to live a little. Have some fun!”

“I can have loads of fun in the safety and warmth of my home!” I stated

Then I felt strong arms pick me up from behind. “Zayn; put me down right now! If you drop me in that hot tub I will smack you so damn hard, it’s not even funny!” I screamed.

“Don’t worry, its not that bad. I do this all the time!”

I was trying to escape his grip, but I couldn’t. He was dangling me right above the hot tub now. “Zayn don’t you dare-” SPLASH! He dropped me in the hot tub. I came up and screamed my head off. Not because it was hot –it really wasn’t that hot- but because I was so mad at Zayn. He hopped in along with Rachel and Harry. He came up towards me, smirking. I slapped him across the face, not hard but it probably hurt a little. He gave a sarcastic hurt look.

“You hit like a girl!”

“I am a girl! We’ve gone over this, remember the triangle incident?” I reminded him.

“Yes I do remember that. Okay let me rephrase it: You hit like a… I dunno… a fairy!”

“A fairy? Really, that’s the best you’ve got?”

“Yes that’s the best I've got. And I'm proud of it.”

“Okay, you got me in here, now can I get out?”

“Sure, but have to walk there, I aint carrying you back.”

“Correction: I'm not carrying you back. Aint isn’t a word. Fine I'll run its no biggie.” I hopped out onto the stairs and ran back to the house. My feet were freezing but at lest now I had heat surrounding me.

I changed back into my clothes and started to watch Family Guy. I loved that show. Stew is my favourite character in the show, he is hilarious! Then everyone else walked into the house, shivering. I felt bad for them but I couldn’t do anything to help really. Everyone went to their rooms to change.

Niall's Point Of View

We all sat down to join Sarah in a Family Guy marathon. The clock on the TV read: 13:00.

“I'm hungry!” I complained.

“Okay, let’s go out and grab some food.” Julia suggested.

“Okay, where should we go?”

“How about Nando’s?”

“Nando’s it is!” I exclaimed.

We all grabbed our jackets and walked to Nando’s.

“How long is this walk?” Zayn asked.

“Only like thirty minutes.” Julia answered.

“What! Thirty minutes? In this weather? No way! We are making this at most twenty minutes! Come on people, pick up the pace!” I started a slow jog.

“Wow Julia, Niall must really like you, he never jogs! Not even for food!”

Julia laughed.

We were greeted by a sea of fans. After they all got their autographs and pictures we walked inside to take out order. I order a full chicken for me and ju-ju to share, Sarah, Emma, Luna, and Rachel all get chicken wraps, and the rest the guys get a chicken sandwich, we all get a Pepsi and a side of fries.

“So Niall,” Luna speaks up. “Why did you dye your hair blonde? I mean I heard that you are a natural brunette.”

“What kind of fan doesn’t know the answer to that question?! Sarah, you are a sad excuse for a directioner!” Julia interrupted.

Niall rolled his eyes. “Okay, so I dyed my hair because I wanted my chick to be with me forever.”

“Excuse me?”

“When I was little I had a baby chick. I tried to feed it Nando’s and that’s when someone took it away, and I never saw it again. So in memory, I dyed my hair blonde.”

“Awwwww that’s so sweet, and cannibalistic.”

We all laughed.

“SO who's ready to go back outside into the chilly weather?” Julia asked

“Chilly? You call this chilly? I call this ‘freezing my a-‘

“Language!” Louis interrupted

“Sorry, freezing my butt off weather!”

“Call it what you want, we still have to go out there to get home.” Julia said.

“Remind me why we walked here I the first place?”

All eyes focussed in on Sarah, she sunk down in her chair.

Zayn wrapped his arm around her. “Hey, don’t blame her, she just wanted to get some exercise!” he defended her, she smiled at him, he kissed her forehead, I got to hand it to them, they really were the perfect match.

“Yeah!” she agreed, sitting back up in her chair. “Let’s go!”

We all opened the door, only to be blasted with cold air.

“I swear Sarah, if we weren’t staying at your place, I would so kill you!”

She looked at the ground, with the same look in her eyes as she did earlier.

Sarah's Point Of View

Niall had been picking on me for the whole day, and I was sick of it. I mean, I know it was like a play teasing thing but it really pissed me off. Out of all of the four boys, Niall was definitely the most annoying. Scratch that, the most annoying person I had ever met.

Once we got back, I plopped myself on the couch and checked my Twitter. More and more Twitter hate started pouring in.

Ugh! Ugly bitch! Just die in a hole and leave Zayn alone!

Just fuck off bitch! Zayn is mine! (That one was from Perrie)

One stood out:

Hey, don’t listen to those other girls! They're just jealous! I think you and Zayn make a really cute couple, my friends think so too. So ignore everyone else, they are just haters!

I cracked a smile.

“Vas Happeninnnnn?” Zayn said.

I jumped. “Once again, Zayn you scared the living crap out of me!”

Zayn's Point Of View

“Sorry.” I apologized.

“It’s cool.”

I could tell there was something up. “Hey, what's up?”

“Nothing just more twitter hate.” She passed me her iPhone.

I read it and got full of anger. Then I read another one and I eased up. “Hey, this one is actually nice for a change!”

“I know, I read that one.” I could tell she still wasn’t happy.

“Hey,” I put my arm around her waist. “It'll be okay.”

“I know.” She cracked a weak smile and placed her head on my shoulder.

I loved the fact that she could take this sort of thing. I mean some girls resort to cutting and other things like drugs and stuff, but she… I don’t know, she is just so strong, yet so vulnerable at the same time and I love that about her. I looked up at her.

“You're beautiful, you know that?”

She shook her head, rejecting my statement.

“Yes you are, and you need to hear it more often.” I nudged her playfully. “Come on, say it. ‘I am beautiful!’”

“Fine. ‘I am beautiful’. Happy?” she said  with no emotion in her voice.

“No, you have to mean it.”

“Fine. ‘I am beautiful’” she said more meaningfully.

“That’s my girl!” I said and pecked her on the lips.

She smiled. “Let’s go downstairs.”

I followed her down the stairs to see Luna and Liam making out. Talk about awkward.

“Okay… we’re just gonna… you know… leave.” Sarah spoke up.

Sarah and I walked into the kitchen to find Rachel baking something and Niall and Harry doing randomness on their phones.

“Ready?” Sarah asked Rachel.

“I was ready like ten minutes ago.” Rachel said impatiently.

“Sorry. Let’s get started!” Sarah said.

“Get started on what?” I asked.

“Christmas dinner, DUH!” Rachel said.

Rachel's Point Of View

Sarah and I slipped on our aprons and began making dinner. Sarah marinated the ham (a skill that her mom taught her before she died) and popped it in the oven. I began making the mac ’n cheese, my signature dish. As I was preparing the macaroni and cheese, Sarah started on the chicken for Emma and Zayn.

After like three hours of hard work and Niall whining, we were finally done.

“Yo people! You better get down here for dinner before, my little mofo eats it all!”

“Hey!” Niall said.

“Niall, you know it’s true, I know it’s true, so why pretend it’s not true?”

“Okay, point taken.” Niall replied.

We all walked into the dining room and began eating. It was dead silent. Then Louis, of course had to speak up.

“Who made the mac ‘n cheese?”

I spoke up “That would be. Why are you asking?”

“I just wanted to say it tastes awesome! Nice job!”

“No problem, good cooking is my specialty. The complete opposite of Juju here.” I stated

“Hey! Give me a break! My cooking teacher says I have improved the most in my class.”

Sarah squeezed herself into our conversation. “That just means you’ve moved up from terrible to needs improvement.”

Julia frowned. Niall wrapped his arm around her and she perked up a bit.

“So who’s up for some desert?” Sarah asked.

There was a chorus of I do, I want desert!’s.

“Okay, people calm down. Zayn, help me bring out the desert.” They both got up and walked towards the kitchen.

Louis popped out of his chair with a mischievous grin on his face.

Louis’ Point Of View

As soon as Sarah and Zayn went off to the kitchen, I had already planned a night of total embarrassment for them, or at least Sarah. I ran to the broom closet and grabbed the black broom. It already had mistletoe on the handle because I had placed it there earlier that day. I ran to the doorway to the kitchen and held the broom in place. They started to walk out holding a desert each, when I stopped them.

Sarah's Point Of View

Zayn and I walked into the kitchen.

“Okay, what should I carry?” he asked.

“You can grab that pie over there.” I nodded my head towards the sweet potato pie.

“Cool, what kind is it?”

I smiled, just another chance to make a sexy British boy say ‘potato’. “I dunno, guess.”

“Okay, is it pumpkin pie?”

I shook my head. “No.”

“Oh, I know, sweet potato pie.”

I smiled, “Bingo! I got you to say ‘potato’!”

He laughed.

I grabbed the cake.

“Let’s go.”

We started to walk out of the door when Louis stopped us. I jumped and almost dropped the glass dish that was holding the cake.

“What do you want Louis?” I asked, annoyed.

He pulled out a broom and held the handle above me and Zayn. A familiar plant was at the top of it.

“Oh, look! There’s mistletoe! You know the drill.” He had a mischievous grin on his face.

Everyone was looking at us and I could feel my face getting as red as a tomato. I smiled at the ground. Zayn pulled up my chin and kissed me, but he didn’t peck me; he kissed me for like two minutes! I pulled back and smiled, at the ground of course.

“Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!’ everyone said like a bunch of five year olds.

I sighed and blushed. “Oh shut up.” I chuckled

After we all finished our desert, we went into the living room and watched a Christmas movie.

Zayn's Point Of View

During the Christmas movie, Sarah, rested her head on my shoulder and I kissed her forehead. After the movie finished I realised that she had fallen asleep. I slowly moved myself from under her and replaced my spot with a pillow and wrapped her in a blanket. I walked to my room, slipped on my pyjamas and slipped into a deep sleep.

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