Zayn's Little Princess

Sarah Emily Smith was just an ordinary girl. There wasn't anything special about her, well at least that's what he thought. But when One Direction come to the store she worls at, will Zayn see something in her? What kind of adventures will Sarha be sucked into? Read to find out!


7. Chapter Seven

Zayn’s Point of View

            Last night was awesome! I was with my mate and my girlfriend and there were no crazed fans bothering us. Life is sweet! This morning something hit me as I was eating cereal, Wait, Sarah has just finished high school, which means she going away to college in the fall. I won’t see her for who knows how long. I pulled out my cell and check the time, it read 8:03, she might be at work, I better text her.

Where r u goin to university?

In about two minutes, I get a reply.

Oxford. Why?

I quickly typed,

Oxford lady, fancy! u must b really smart! and no reason, just wonderin.

She replied,


c u L8r :)

Phew! Thank goodness! I've got nothing to worry about!

Sarah’s Point Of View

I was on the bus to Harrods when my cell phone buzzed in my pocket, I took it out it read:

New message: Zayn Malik

I clicked open, it read,

Where r u goin to university?

Why does he care? I thought, I replied,

Oxford. Why?

He replied,

Oxford lady, fancy! u must b really smart! and no reason, just wonderin.

I type,


c u L8r :)

I put my cell back into my pocket. Then out of nowhere,


Then everything went black…




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