Zayn's Little Princess

Sarah Emily Smith was just an ordinary girl. There wasn't anything special about her, well at least that's what he thought. But when One Direction come to the store she worls at, will Zayn see something in her? What kind of adventures will Sarha be sucked into? Read to find out!


14. Chapter Fourteen

Sarah’s Point Of View

            As soon as we got to the party Luna and Karoline bolted off into different directions! I can’t believe Luna! I tied to follow her but I lost her in the enormous crowd. I found myself near the drinks table and stayed there for as long as possible. Then Karoline found me and asked why I wasn’t dancing and mingling. I said I wasn’t really a partying type of girl.

“Oh, then…” she searched the crowd and spotted a guy that I assumed was a friend of hers. She ran over and grabbed his arm and pulled him over towards me. “This is Fred, a friend of mine.” She pushed him over towards me.

“Hey.” He said

“Hi” I said.

We got to know each other and then a slow song started.

“Hey, you wanna dance?” he gestured me to the dance floor.

“No thanks.”

“Oh…” he frowned and then looked at the floor

“Oh, it’s not that I don’t like you, I mean, you're pretty cool, but I have a boyfriend.”


Well, this is awkward. I thought. Eventually Fred walked away Luna showed up.

“Where have you been?!” I asked, very agitated.

“I was dancing and having a good time, something you should try doing.”

“Fine, but if you leave me I will go back to our dorm.”

“Fine but I think I found someone you want to dance with”

“Dude, you know I'm dating Za-“

“Wait for it…” Then out of nowhere she pulled Zayn out of the crowd.

“Hey!” I smiled.

“Hello love! You wanna dance?” he held out his hand.

“Of course I would!” I slipped my hand in his.

            We moved to the dance floor and started dancing. Then out of the corner of my eye I see Luna and Liam talking to the DJ and not soon after a slow song starts. Zayn pulls me in closer and I put my head on his shoulder.

“I'm so glad you could make it.” I whispered into his ear.

“Me too; I hope you're not still feeling like an outsider anymore.” He whispered back.

“Well, not now, but when you leave I’ll be the shy girl in the background with only one friend.” I explained.

“Well you won’t have to worry about that, now you'll be the shy girl with a friend and awesome celeb boyfriend who persuaded his manager to let him go to Oxford.”

“What?” I pulled back and started grinning from ear to ear. “You're going to college here now?”

He nodded.

“That’s awesome!” I gave a big kiss.

“Yep so I'm going to college here now. But I get to miss days for concerts and practices and other stuff like that. Liam should be telling Luna about this right about…”

We heard a scream from Luna and Liam’s direction. Silence swallowed the room.

“Now.” We both giggled. We danced the night away until we were the last ones on the dance floor and we eventually had to go to back to our dorms.

            This school year is just getting better and better; now I have two friends and the best boyfriend in the world in the same university as me.  I know that might sound lame to you, but for me life is so good!

Liam’s Point Of View

            When I told Luna that Zayn and I were going to university with them, before I could even get out the last few words out, I could feel her lips on mine.

            It was a very difficult getting the dean of admissions to let us enrol at last minute, but they said having famous people at their university was great publicity for them. But it wasn’t like they just let us in, before One Direction, Zayn and I had both applied to go to this place and we were both accepted, but because of One Direction we couldn’t go. It’s nice to be back at normal school, I haven’t been in one for a while. It feels good to be back.

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