Zayn's Little Princess

Sarah Emily Smith was just an ordinary girl. There wasn't anything special about her, well at least that's what he thought. But when One Direction come to the store she worls at, will Zayn see something in her? What kind of adventures will Sarha be sucked into? Read to find out!


4. Chapter Four

Rachel’s Point Of View

            I was watching X Factor reruns when Sarah walked in the room with an enormous grin on her face and love-struck eyes. Oh no, here we go again. I sigh.

“So…” I said “How was your date with the superstar?” attempting to get all the gossip I possibly could out of her.

“Enchanting!” she sighed.

Oh no, she’s got it bad. I thought

“Look, Sarah, I can tell you really like this guy, but you have to make sure that you don’t fall too hard because you tend to do that with almost every guy you date.” I said  

“I do not!” Sarah said defensively.

“Yes you do! Remember Ben? You guys were only dating for like two or three weeks when you thought you loved him. But when you found out that he was cheating on you, girl, you didn’t get over him for like a two months!”

“Okay, that’s not fair; he was my first love, that’s under completely different circumstances.”

“Okay how about Jacob, Max, Will, Mike, Matt, Josh, Ryan, Dylan, the list goes on.”

“Okay I get it, I get it. I fall in love too fast; I’ll try to work on it. But let me tell you all about it. He’s so considerate, kind, caring, smart and over all cute! He gets me. He understands me more than any other guy ever could. We have so much in common, like foe example we’re both shy. And he’s really funny.”

So, she told me almost everything from their first kiss to them singing in the car, he seems so perfect for her! After the story was told we changed into our pjs and popped some popcorn and watched X Factor until we got tired and finally went to bed.


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