Zayn's Little Princess

Sarah Emily Smith was just an ordinary girl. There wasn't anything special about her, well at least that's what he thought. But when One Direction come to the store she worls at, will Zayn see something in her? What kind of adventures will Sarha be sucked into? Read to find out!


15. Chapter Fifteen

Sarah’s Point Of View

            After the party I invited Zayn to my dorm to compare schedules. Turns out that we had almost every class together, except for two or three

            I have played the flute since grade seven. We both got tired and he and Liam left to go to their dorm, and I changed into my pjs. Before I fell asleep I started to read Sea by Heidi R. Kling. It’s gorgeous blue-green background caught my eye in the book store, and when I read the little insert I found it very interesting. I was at chapter 3 when I fell asleep.

Julia’s Point Of View

            So I started the cooking classes on Wednesday and it was really fun because I met this girl who was taking the classes for the same reasons I was; her name is Layla and she is really kind. We made spaghetti yet I still managed to mess up such a simple dish. How? Woy may ask, well if you put 200 grams of salt instead of 2 grams of salt in the pasta, it tastes very different. Thankfully I wasn’t the only one who messed it up since Layla and I were at the same counter we both messed it up, but that’s when I realised that the U.K. has a lot of bad cooks, nearly the whole class messed it up!

            The flat was a lot quieter and lonelier without Sarah and Luna around. At the same time it’s a lot better because there isn’t as much chaos around the house. I also don’t have Sarah nagging me about every crumb I drop on the floor. I clean when I want to, not when Sarah tells me to. So Rachel, Emma, and I could have a complete pig out on the couch on Friday and not pick it up until like Monday they don’t care either! Life’s good!

            You were probably wondering why Emma, Rachel, and I aren’t in college right now, that’s a good question. You see we all wanted to take a year break and travel around the world before we go to college for 4 years. We want to live, see the world! So basically we go to a city from Sunday to Friday and go back to London on Saturday because we pack for different climates and bring whatever it is that we need for our next destination. So in August and September we explore Europe, in October and November we explore Asia. In January and February we visit North America in March and April we explore South America. In May we explore Africa, and lastly we explore Australia and Oceania in June. After I checked the calendar I realised that this trip will give me a lot of jet lag! Save me, please! Speaking of the trip, I have to go pack!



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