Walking Away

Walking Away, Thats What I Regret The Most.


5. Chapter 5 x

‘’buzz’ the bell goes for lunch, history is only a half our lesson, where as the rest are 1 and a half.

I head for the door.

‘’you going steps’’ asks Frankie

‘’not today’’ I say and walk off.

I walk the long way round to H Block, when I get there I hear somebody playing ‘give me love’ on the piano, then they start singing to it, it’s a beautiful, soft male voice, filling the corridor of H Block, I make my way to the room where it was coming from, I open the door.

‘’oh, hey, sorry, I didn’t expect to see you here’’ says Jonty, closing the Piano lid.

‘’no, play it again’’ I ask, and sit next to you on the piano stool.

You play the chords and start singing along, I join in too, and for 2 minutes we sit there, sing our hearts out to ‘give me love’ and for the first time ever I’m not embarrassed about myself.

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