Walking Away

Walking Away, Thats What I Regret The Most.


3. Chapter 3 x

The bell goes and everyone jumps up out of their seats and walks out of the classroom,

The corridors are flooded with year 7’s, 8’s, 9’s, 10’s and 11’s.

I manage to push myself through.

When I get outside, I check my timetable to check what lesson I have first.


Music is one of my favourite subjects, I play; piano, guitar, saxophone, ukulele and I’m grade 3 at singing.

As I enter M block, I see you walking towards the same class as me.

‘’Ah, Hello Nova, Good morning’’ says Miss Winters as a walk through the classroom doors.

I take a seat, and grab my folder out of by bag.

‘’today class we have a new student joining the music department’’ says Miss Winter.

‘’Jonty, why don’t you take a seat next to Nova’’

I hide my face under my hair, why have you done this, the one lesson that I’m not distracted by your dirty blonde hair, your bright blue eyes, and your perfect smile.

‘’For this terms project you will need to work in partners, you’re going to go busking in London, and raise money for a charity of your choice, you will need to design posters, and book slots in clubs, the school is going to pay for your accommodation, and remember whoever gets the highest amount of money raised, will get an A+’’.

The room is buzzing, I look around the room to see who I could partner up with, and my best friend Frankie is giving me the eyes, so I give her a small smile back.


I’m working with Frankie.

‘’on just one condition, I’m picking partners’’ says Miss Winters

‘’Frankie, you will work with Kyle’’

‘’Nova, work with Jonty’’

Again I hide my face with my fringe.

‘’each of you have been assigned a room in H block, this is where you will be working, any spare time you get, you’ll be there, this is the final project, everything counts’’.

Thanks Jonty, Thanks a lot.

I walk out of the door and down the corridor

‘’Nova, Wait’’ you yell from behind me

I stop dead in my tracks.

Did Jonty Wilson just say my name?

‘’hey, don’t storm off’’ you say, catching your breath

‘’oh, um, sorry’’ I say, stammering, again.

I look at you, your dirty blonde floppy hair sweeping over your eyes, and oh how blue your eyes are.

Your perfect, and I’m not.

‘’Nova’’ you say.

‘’sorry, what were you saying’’

I look around hoping I don’t look like a complete fool.

‘’about this assessment, yeah’’

‘’oh, um, sorry, yeah, assessment’’

‘’well I’m glad I’m working with you, you’re so talented’’ you burst out.

‘’um, thanks’’ I say forcing a quick smile.

We make our way over to star bucks in the schools ‘Olympic Boulevard’.

I order a hot chocolate and you order a frappachino.

‘’want a sip’’ you ask me

‘’oh, no thanks, I don’t drink tea or coffee’’ I say, hoping I don’t sound like a total idiot.

‘’always time to start’’ you say inching the cup closer to my face.

‘’well, ok’’ I say, taking the cup out of your hand, I take a quick swig and hand you the cup back.

‘’well, what did you think’’ you ask

‘’its ok, not a patch on this though’’ I say handing you my hot chocolate.

‘’yum, I agree with you on that one’’

We both start laughing.

‘’so about the assessment then, what instruments do you play’’ I ask

‘’Guitar, piano, flute don’t ask and I sing, a bit’’ you answer

‘’you, sing’’ I say shocked

‘’well maybe not a lot’’

I raise my eyebrow

‘’ok, when there’s no one watching’’, when you say this your checks go bright red.


The bell goes and the boulevard becomes a swap of kids trying to get a table, I look back at you, but your gone.

I walk over to the steps, where me and Frankie always sit.

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