Walking Away

Walking Away, Thats What I Regret The Most.


2. Chapter 2 x

You glance up at me, and I look away quickly, but look back too soon and our eyes meet.

There’s an awkward stare going on, then we break it off and you laugh.

I blush.

‘’Nova Appleton’’ shouts Mrs Hutton, our form Tutor.

‘’Yes’’ I reply.

Mrs Hutton calls the register.

I feel a small vibration coming from my pocket; I take my phone out and hide it under the desk so Mrs can’t see.


Hey xxxxxx


I lock my phone and place it back in my pocket.


I look across at you from under my fringe; you check your phone for a reply.

I know how you feel, wanting someone to reply so badly, but they never do.

I know exactly how you feel.


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