Lamia: Blind

A world of torture and pain was the only thing that existed from Alice's point of view. With her life she could only see pain, that was until Alice went to Lamia High School....


1. The darksighted

My heart pounded at the thought of having a new thing for once. I unwrapped the package and found an I-phone. I ran to my room with it and I packed it into a rucksack. I heard the door slam open and the heavy footsteps of my boyfriend echoed around the warehouse.


A couple of years agao I ran away with my boyfriend, we live in a warehouse with one story and I absolutley hate my boyfriend, but keep telling him I love him because if I don't... I shiver at the tought and turn on my heels as he enters my room.

"Hello love." I smile, tired of the charade.

A sickening grin spreads across his face as he throws me onto my bed. He lays on top, pinning me down.


He nuzzels me moistly and for once I felt a sudden boost of confidence and I started to struggle, I was not going to let my virginity go to some jerk who just wants me for my sex.

"Let go of me." I muttered.

"You what sugar?" he asked mockingly.

"Let go of me you JERK!" I yelled, I shoved my bodyweight upwards and flund my "boyfriend" off me. The startled look spread across his face before rage set in. I'd never said no in my life with him and this just pissed him off.


He got up and my courage vanished. I tried to get into a corner but I failed. I held my dignity and held up my head. The blow was quick and sharp, the pain realed through my head and body. I could almost feel the bruise forming on my cheek and across my eye.


I picked up the bags from underneath the bed and put the rucksack over my shoulder. His face was a picture as I walked towards the door.

"Where you going with those bags?"

"Any where but here, maybe home to my family or a bording school."


So with that I left. I left my "home" and my "boyfriend" to find a better life...

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