One Direction Stranded

Liam, a boy from One Direction, gets stranded on an island with the rest of the band. They are there all alone, with no help, away from there careers and families. They have nothing, and have to find their own food. Will they survive? Will Liam go mad? Favorite and read for lots of new chapters! Oh, and btw, this story has cuss words and may have inappropriate scenes.


2. We crashed. Bummer.

I didn't have time to respond. The boat smashed into land, and I flew. We all flew. I hit the top of the captains room with a thud. Opening my eyes for a second, I saw all the boys flying down from the top with me. And yes, a split second later, I fell back to the floor of the ship. It was a hard fall and everything went black. 



*2 hours later* 



I rose up, resting my body on my elbows. I looked around and took in the scenery. It seemed as if we were stuck on a pretty big island. Not very big though. The boys were making a fire; it was sunset. I turned my head a little more. The stern of the ship was bulged into the sand. I saw the cracks around the top, and how part of the wall on the left side was falling off. Damn, that was not a good situation.

Niall jumped up at the sight of me. "Liam's awake guys!" he said. I slowly get up, trying not to fall from dizziness. I look down and my clothes are ripped and tattered. Harry runs over and they both walk me to the logs to sit. It was surrounding the fire. 

"Hi," Louis mumbles, voice cracking. He's clearly been crying.

"D-d-did we crash?" I say, swallowing. This cannot be happening!

"I'm afraid so," Zayn whispers. He looks at his feet.

I shiver, trying not to believe it. I keep repeating in my head that it's just a dream. I pinch myself. It's not.

"I have my phone," I say, grabbing it out of my back pocket. It's cracked, but still turns on. No bars.

I stand up and shake my head violently. "No no no no!" I say, pacing back and forth.

"Liam!" says Niall, standing up. He grabs me by the shoulders and sets me down. "It's gonna be ok," he says rubbing my back.

I hear a sniffle from Louis. His head is buried in his shirt. 

I start trying to think positive. "Boys," I say. I knew it was my job to keep this band from not going crazy. "We're famous remember? They will look for us." I try to believe it. 90% of me does.

Zayn shuffled his feet in the sand. "Are we just going to leave the captain to die?"

"Well," Harry perks up. He was rubbing Louis's back. "We don't know were he is so, what can we do about it?" His voice was raspy.

I furrowed my brow. Niall's stomach growled next to me. I wrapped my arm around his shoulders.

"We can at least get some food until they try to rescue us," I say, realizing I am hungry also.

"Ok. Guys, we cannot give up. Put your hands in," Niall says. 

We all put our hands in, even sobbing Louis. "1 2 3!"

"Always together!"

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