One Direction Stranded

Liam, a boy from One Direction, gets stranded on an island with the rest of the band. They are there all alone, with no help, away from there careers and families. They have nothing, and have to find their own food. Will they survive? Will Liam go mad? Favorite and read for lots of new chapters! Oh, and btw, this story has cuss words and may have inappropriate scenes.


7. Truth or Dare, Island Style

We all sat in the steaming water, relaxed. It was my turn to go. I faced Zayn, who decided to play this. "Zayn?" I asked, a questionable tone to my voice. "Truth or dare?"

Zayn shrugged and said, "Um, truth.." I really didn't have any idea of what to do. I thought, and still couldn't think of anything. 

"I don't know what to do," I said.

"How many times have you had sex?" Harry perked up, looking at Zayn. That perv.

Zayn looked down at his feet and blushed. "I don't want to-"

Harry stood up and Zayn looked at him. "Answer or I will Harry jump you, crushing your every bone."

Niall giggled.

"Okay..." Zayn said, looking away from us. "20."

TWENTY?! I gasped. "You naughty, naughty boy!" I yelled. I splashed steaming water all over Zayn's face, coming over his head.

"Gahh! Li-"

"Naughty!" I said, splashing him again.


"Don't!" Splash. "Get!" Sploosh. "Someone." Splish. "Pregnant yet!" I ended that off with a really big wave I made with my hands, drenching Zayn.

I sat back down as Zayn gasped. "You dirty boy."

Seconds passed with silence. 

"Okaaay then," Louis said. "Zayn your turn."

"Louis," Zayn smiled. "Truth or dare?"

Louis laughed and said, in his "host' voice, "The Tommo Tomlinson always chooses dare!"

When Louis's host voice comes out, nothing goes well.

Zayn laughed, "Alright Tommo. I dare you to... lick Liam's foot."

Louis laughed like it was nothing. "Really man? Ok!'

"Uh.." I said as Louis treaded over to me. I stuck my foot up. "Just do a little lick..." I said.

"That's nothing!" Louis said. He stuck practically my whole foot in him mouth and swirled his tongue around my toes.

I pulled my foot out and splashed it into the water. Niall was hysterically laughing. "Lou!!!" I said, grossed out. Louis laughed and went back to his spot.

Louis was about to ask me truth or dare, but I saw something green behind me. Something glinting... something slowly moving.

A turtle.



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