One Direction Stranded

Liam, a boy from One Direction, gets stranded on an island with the rest of the band. They are there all alone, with no help, away from there careers and families. They have nothing, and have to find their own food. Will they survive? Will Liam go mad? Favorite and read for lots of new chapters! Oh, and btw, this story has cuss words and may have inappropriate scenes.


12. Just oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As everyone got back up and brushed the dirt off their trousers, I heard a roaring like sound. The other boys heard it too, because their heads popped up.

"Is that a fucking lion?!" yelled Niall.

I could tell it wasn't a lion. It was flying, most likely, because the noise was up in the air. I knew what that sound was anywhere.

"A PLANE!" I screamed as I whipped around. There it was, a little helicopter, flying down to us.

"Pinch me," Louis whispered, staring up. Zayn pinched Louis's bum. 

"Heeyyy!!" Louis said.

"Let's go!" yelled Zayn, already running for then plane.

We all sprinted to the helicopter which was now landed.

I couldn't believe we were saved.

The door to the helicopter went down, and a man walked out. "Damn, you boys are still alive?"

"Yes!" Niall squeaked.

I immediately shoved my way past everyone to the helicopter. WE WERE OUT OF THERE!! WOOO!!






Yeah, sorry this ended so... badly and quick. I just had to end it. Yeah, I'm making a brand new fanfic that you peeps should read! :D It's gonna be amazayn. So shyeah! Probably gonna start on dat tommorrow! Woo!

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