One Direction Stranded

Liam, a boy from One Direction, gets stranded on an island with the rest of the band. They are there all alone, with no help, away from there careers and families. They have nothing, and have to find their own food. Will they survive? Will Liam go mad? Favorite and read for lots of new chapters! Oh, and btw, this story has cuss words and may have inappropriate scenes.


9. Helicopter?!

Later in the night, I laid on the soft sand, aching for sleep. I closed my eyes, ready to get some rest. I heard something in the distance. It sounded like it was high up. It was loud and obnoxious, but I think I knew what it was. I looked up, as did the rest of the boys. I saw in the night sky, a couple flashing lights. Soon our hairs were blowing back in the wind, except mine, as a helicopter landed next to us. I screamed, "We're saved!" I hugged Zayn, the closest to me. I could see he was trying to hide his excitement  but a happy laugh gasped out of his mouth.

A man walked out of the helicopter, along with all our mums. When I saw mum, I immediately started crying. I ran up to her, who was also crying and gave her a massive hug. "I missed you so much!" she wailed. I was standing about an inch taller then her. 

The pilot said, "Come in everyone, you are all gonna go back home."

Just then, my mom randomly smacked me. She smacked me again. Everything got blurry... then I woke up.

Niall was sitting on me, slapping my face, leaving stinging hands marks on each cheek. I sat up and pushed him off, startled. "What?!" I yelled, looking around.

I saw the boys running around behind Niall, screaming scared screams. It was early morning, the sun was just rising over the horizon. "BEAR!" Niall screamed, face a bright color of pink.

I stood up, color flushed out of me. "What? Where?" Before Niall could answer, I shoved my hand in his face to push him out of the way. And there... I saw it.

A 6 foot grizzly loomed over us, it was at the front of the forest. "Guys!" Louis yelled. He had tears of fear streaming down his face."Nobody move..."

We all slowly backed up, as the bear walked on its four legs towards us. "L'Liam?" Harry whispered in my ear. Fright shook in his voice. "Yeah?" I said, barely saying anything. 

"Are we gonna?!" Harry was two loud, and apparently, the bear thought it was me yelling  The bear must have thought I wanted to fight.

Then, the most terrifying thing happened. The bear leaped out, full body outstretched towards me. All the other boys jumped to the side, out of the way. But I stayed. He heavy bear knocked me to the ground. My oxygen escaped me and I grunted really loud. My back shot with pain. 

The bear pinned my shoulders to the ground. I whimpered with fright, and looked up. A big bear head was staring down at me. His eyes were white with small black pupils, and saliva dripped from it's mouth as he growled. I knew that was my day of death.

That was until Zayn struck it on the back with a huge knife. Bear blood splattered all over me, as the bear flopped to it's side.

I was alive.

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