One Direction Stranded

Liam, a boy from One Direction, gets stranded on an island with the rest of the band. They are there all alone, with no help, away from there careers and families. They have nothing, and have to find their own food. Will they survive? Will Liam go mad? Favorite and read for lots of new chapters! Oh, and btw, this story has cuss words and may have inappropriate scenes.


4. Heartbroken is the worst pain

We all sat around the fire as I grew dark. I was thinking about all the people we don't have with us. I stared at the sand as I thought about Paul, my mum and dad, my sister. I suddenly sat up. Danielle. A shot of pain entered my heart. I missed her like hell. I remember running my hands up and down her body, kissing her on the neck, then lips. All the cute little hickeys she gave me. I closed my eyes and tried to get the thought away. I couldn't. I clenched my teeth really hard, looking at the sky and screamed, "DANIELLE!"

Niall got up and walked towards me. "Liam. Man, you ok?" I jerked my head to Niall and stood up. Niall's body started transforming... His hair grew longer, and changed color. He grew curves. His face turned into a woman's. He was Danielle. 

"Danielle!" I yelled, so so amazed to see her. "Li-" she started. I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her in. Her lips didn't taste the same, but what did that matter? I felt Danielle trying to rip me off, but I stayed. I moved my head from side to side, swaying our lips together. I ruffled my fingers in her hair, which for some reason felt short, and smushed my lips more against hers. Our heads were so close. I made a moaning sound and started sliding my tongue in. Finally Danielle let go. In a second, she changed back to Niall.

I just kissed Niall Horan.

I didn't have time to say anything before Niall pushed me backwards with all his might. I fell against a log, hurting my back.

I just kissed Niall Horan!

I laid on the ground, back hurting. "Ew!!! LIAM!" Niall yelled. I must have been hallucinating. I laid their in silence, staring off into the night sky. "Liam?" I heard Harry say. 

I couldn't pay attention to them. I missed Danielle so much! I kept thinking about the kiss, about how it was Danielle kissing me. 

Niall was wiping his lips making grossed out noises. Zayn walked up to me. "Liam? Are you ok?" 

I didn't know what to say. I couldn't think straight. I was going mad. I stood up, pain in my back. I had a mad, crazy idea. I was going to swim out to Danielle. I started running and Zayn caught me. 

"Let go you bastard!" I screamed, wanting to feel Danielle's lips again.

Zayn gasped and yelled to Louis, "Liam's gone crazy!" Louis shot up and grabbed my shoulders, his biceps bulging out. I kept trying to run out to the ocean. "Harry! Niall!" Louis screamed, barely being able to keep his grip on me. 

Harry and Niall ran over and they all nodded to each other. Harry said, "We have to do the plan."

Need to see Danielle.

"Get a rock, Zayn!" said Niall. Zayn obeyed.

Need to kiss her.

Zayn came back with a big rock.

Need to love her again.

"I'm sorry Liam," said Zayn and I kept struggling to swim to her.

Need to-

Zayn bashed me on the head with a rock. As I fell to my unconsciousnesses  I knew I was going insane. I wouldn't last another day.

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