That One Cheerleader

You'd think that someone who has had a crazy past would sometime in their life become normal again? We'll just have to see about that, especially when Autumn meets a new Irish boy, only to later on make her meet the boy of her dreams. What'll happen if Niall likes the girl? Who gets her? I guess you'll just have to read to find out what happens in Autumn's love life, and maybe even discover the sad, terrible past of hers as well!

Will there be a way to make Autumn feel complete again?


9. Chapter 9

Autumns POV


I sat in the corner of my room like I have been just bawling. It was Friday morning, and I still haven't stopped crying yet. I just wished I could find out what was so terrible and wrong about me that I never could fit in! It was about say 11:30am so Marissa was probably leaving Chemistry class soon. I stayed in my spot, not even motivated to move at all today. I heard my phone go off a few times on my bed, but I was too lazy to move and see what it was. Probably just some bullying. I just wish I would be able to fake kill myself, and see everyone's reaction. I mean, they obviously wouldn't care. I suddenly heard my phone go off, I forced myself to just get up and see who it was, since it was probably Marissa since Chem is over. To my surprise, it was actually Marissa, so I sniffled my nose and took a deep breath to answer the phone, sounding normal. 


Me: Hello this is Autumn speaking.

Marissa: Hey girl! Im guessing you're sick?

Me: Your guess is correct!

Marissa: Oh I'm so sorry girliee, but guess what?!

Me: Yes Mariss?

Marissa: Zayn Malik just asked me to the Winter Formal!!!!

Me(trying to sound happy for her): That's great! I hope you have fun, I need to take a shower, so I gotta go, and you have school!!

Marissa: Okay, thanks, call me if you need help okay?

Me: Of course, see ya!

~end of phone call~


Great just great. Now Im completely confused. First Zayn tells me to get out of his face, then he takes my advic- Wait!! No!! he will probably end up using her just like the others!! But how?? She's nowhere near popular, oh boy, this ought to bring him down lots! I checked all the notifications and most were just for the apps on my phone, but nothing too important. Then I saw two random numbers and Harry had sent a text. Hmph, I opened Harry's text first. It read: Heloo Autumn, Im soo sorry about Nandos, wanna meet up sometime, just us?xx


I didn't reply, I didn't know what to say... Then I opened the random text #1. It said: Hello love, this is Liam. Im sorry about Lou and Zayn, they obviously did not show you respect, wanna meet up today??

Okay, whats with them and wanting to meet up???

The last text was from Im guessing Niall since it said: Hello love, it's Nialler, uh sorry bout Nandos! Wanna meet up alone next time?? I won't try no funny business on ya!

I chuckled at the last part. I saved the cell phone numbers into my contact and I replied Harry: Sure, i mean if i didn't offend you...

Then Liams: It was my fault, Im sorry, tell the boys for me?

Finally Nialls: aha that just made my day, and sure, when nd where?!


I rose from my comfy bed and I hopped in the shower to cleanse myself. I'll just cleanse myself and stay home today. I might as well catch up with the homework I didn't do yesterday. I cleansed myself in the shower, using my mango shampoo and conditioner. I shut the amazingly warm shower off and I hopped into a fluffy towel and I did my hair and brushed my teeth. I heard my phone go off in the other room and saw a text from Niall. It read: Yey, u decided to answer! How about meet me by the stream behind the school at say 5? Feel free to dress anyway you like, we'll just be hanging there, k?


I smiled because I loved the stream! It was relaxing being able to just listen to nature all around you. I of course sent Niall back saying: Sure thing! I love the stream! See you at 5! But do I must wear makeup? Im too lazy to put it on. . 

Please say no, pleeeaasse say no. . .

Niall's response: Please don't!! I love it when girls go natural! LOL

hah, I answered: haha ill keep that in mind, see ya ltr!

Oh boy, I just hope tonight will be better than last night!



[{Author's Note}]


Hello fellow directioners!! How's the story so far?? I wanna know what you truly think, give feed back, give feedback, give feedback, nowwwww... 

Well any who, if any of you writers out there want me to check some of your movellas out, I would surely say yes!! Now, like favorite, tell your friends about this story, and don't forget, TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK OF IT. Okay, thanks directionerrrrssssssssssss....... Today its like January 31st, and uhmmmm TOMORROWS HAZZA'S FUCKING BIRTHDAYYYYYYYY, OH EMM GEEE, THIS IS FOR ALL YOU HARRY GIRLS OUT THERE!!!! LOVE Y'ALLLLL.


Oh and sorry, one last thing. . . . . . This movella is dedicated to my friend, who is also a dedicated directioner. Her name is obviously Autumn, and she's beautiful!! She's on my cheer squad and well really, there's nothing to not like about her!! You should read her movella!! Her user is: fallfootball


Okie now I'm leaving peeplessss, okie byebyeeeeeee

#loveyouall #onedirectionjoy 

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